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6 months ago, Quincy had never heard of American Girl. That has a lot to do with me, because up until a year ago, while I knew about American Girl, I wasn’t familiar at all with the brand. That’s likely because when American Girl debuted in 1986, I was moving away from dolls and onto boy bands and big hair. I wish I was kidding.

Thanks to some wonderful friends, I starting exploring American Girl. Last summer I visited the flagship store in Chicago (wow!) and received a Bitty Baby doll – My first American Girl doll! At the time, I put her aside for Quincy for Christmas. Quincy had other plans.

Right around the time Quincy started potty training last fall, we visited the Seattle area American Girl store with a friend. I knew the moment she walked inside I was hosed. Done for. There was no going back.

Quincy wanted a dolly. So we talked about it. And I told her if she learned to use the potty, a dolly (specifically the America Girl Bitty Baby I had stashed away) would come live at our house. And it worked. It took about a week of ups and downs but Quincy earned her doll.

Quincy and her Bitty Baby

Ever since then, she’s been in love. Quincy’s Bitty Baby looks “just like her” with fair skin, blue eyes and blonde hair. It’s soft and snuggly body is perfect for snuggles and play. I love that American Girl offers the perfect Bitty Baby for every little girl. It shows that they really care about little girls who want their dollies to look like them.

Sleeping with Bitty Baby

Then the catalogs started coming, and I knew I was in real trouble. Quincy was picking out dresses, accessories and you guessed it new dolls. Quincy and I talked about what dresses she might like, and lucky for us, American Girl generously sent one for her Bitty Baby. I of course, had to get the matching one for her.

dress up with bitty baby

The plan was (notice I said PLAN) to wait for Quincy to get her “big girl American Girl doll” for at least a year. She’s not quite 4, which is half the recommended age of 8 for their dolls. I was going to shoot for 5 years.

And then, on Monday, I got a very special press packet for the Girl of the Year doll. Isabelle. Who has pink highlights. Boom. So much for best laid plans. Quincy is in love. I am in love.

So I did what any reasonable mother would do. I messaged a friend and arranged an Isabelle playdate in the foreseeable future. Isn’t she adorable?

Isabelle - GOTY

For now though, we’re enjoying our Bitty Baby story books and the iPad apps! But soon, very soon, Isabelle just might come to live at our house.

Does your little girl love American Girl?

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  1. My daughter Bayla LOVES American Girl Doll. We got a Bitty Baby too, and she got her first full sized doll Anna for her birthday. Anna goes EVEryWHERE with her. Loved the pics of Quincy!

  2. Love this, and love their matching red dresses. Q is adorable with her baby American Girl doll. She will cherish it for a long time to come.

  3. Ellie loves her matching red dresses too! Quincy is adorable w her baby 🙂

  4. My sister loved her American Girl dolls. I hope my daughter is interested when she gets older!

  5. I am aware of it and my oldest daughter (8) is aware of it. She has asked for one maybe less than a handful of times, but it hasn’t quite been in our budget yet (and she doesn’t take good enough care of her belongings to get one quite yet) so I’m not sure she will ever get one. She’s not quite a “doll” girl either. My youngest though – this will definitely be something I need to start getting her and I’m thinking the bitty baby like Q has will be perfect. Even at 10 months old, my baby girl is all about dollies and loving on them!

  6. So incredibly cute! I adore the pic of her sleeping with her Bitty – I have years of pics just like this and it’s so fun to experience it through them!

  7. I’m trying as hard as possible to wait until Molly is 5 to open up that door. But then it’s on and a trip to the LA store is inevitable!

  8. I am not letting Brecken see this post. I’ll be forever searching for AG items online if she sees it!

  9. Mary Dailey says:

    That look on her face is priceless! My granddaughter wants an American Girl doll so bad. I couldn’t afford one of the big ones, but I got her a mini and she was thrilled!

  10. Jennifer Hiles says:

    I just love the matching dress! What a cute idea. My daughter would just love this. I’m not too familiar with the available accessories but I bet this would make a great birthday gift for my kiddo.

  11. Fashionnspice says:

    How cute!

  12. Stacy Harrington Calhoun says:

    I love that you were able to use potty training as an incentive for her, and she worked well with it. I have not had the opportunity to expose my girls to American girl yet, but i am 100% positive that both my 12 and 5 year old would be in love

  13. I’m so glad that American Girl wasn’t just a fad. I introduced my oldest daughter to the dolls when she was around 8 years old. She’ll be 23 this year! The accompanying books are great for girls to learn a bit about American history as well.

  14. Quincy and her Bitty Baby are both adorable!

    I want to get one of these dolls for my granddaughter, she will love it.

  15. Sandra VanHoey says:

    I have seen Isabelle on their site and she is gorgeous. I have severa granddaughters, the youngest being 5 and they all want an American Girl doll. Only one has one, so far. Girls just fall in love with these dolls and their hair is awesome

  16. So cute! I love American Girl dolls

  17. My daughter has a few American girl dolls. She loves them & play with them daily, and has tea parties with them. Very cute dolls and by far my favorite to purchase for my girl.

  18. My daughter got an American girl doll when she was almost too old for it! You will be able to realize all the joy (and expense) of this wonderful line! Congrats to your beautiful daughter Quincy for achieving her goal!

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