Introducing The Whole Family Cookbook by Michelle Stern

I like to cook. I dream of a kitchen with endless counterspace and a fully stocked pantry. The catch is I have a son who loves to be in the kitchen when I am cooking. Which isn’t always safe. Until recently, I would shoo him out of the way because I was afraid of him getting hurt as I was cooking or baking.

The Whole Family Cookbook has over 75 recipes that are family friendly. As in we can make them together. Each step is color coded as to what age it is appropriate for. I still use judgment here, because if you’ve met Sebby, you know that he doesn’t always play by the rules!

I love this cookbook and am so grateful for Michelle for sending me a copy. The recipes are full of organic ingredients, easy to follow and did I mention DELICIOUS!

Just look at how yummy these Corny Raspberry Muffins I made look! Let me tell you how good they tasted!!

Corny Raspberry Muffins

Corny Raspberry Muffins

Whether you want an easy snack like Hummus, a Grilled Cheese with Nutella for lunch (or breakfast!) or Mediterranean Quinoa Salad, there are lots of recipes in The Whole Family Cookbook sure to delight your tastebuds.

What I like about Michelle’s recipes is they help kids (and families) eat healthier because you prepare them as a family. Your children will learn food is fun and exciting, and you wont’ have to worry about hiding vegetables in brownies anymore. Really, you won’t!

Disclaimer: I received a copy of The Whole Family Cookbook for the purpose of this review. I was not monetarily compensated for this post and the opinions here are my own. This post contains affiliate links.
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