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Society’s standards of beauty are often vapid and forever evolving, but one thing remains fairly standard: a woman’s affinity for her hair. One New York City woman, Sabra Hardy, shares her difficult journey of balding, delves into the realities of her depleted self-confidence, and reveals the product that changed her life. While Hardy’s circumstance was extreme, millions of women suffer from some degree of hair loss and cannot find a solution to their frustrating problem. Sabra was one of those women until she discovered Theradome and its proprietary laser hair restoration helmet.

Sabra’s Story
A few years ago, I became one of the 32 million women who suffer from hair loss. Many women suffer from hair thinning, which can be difficult within itself, but my balding was rapid, it was drastic, and it shattered my self-esteem. I found it difficult to face the world on a daily basis and felt like less of a woman without my hair. While I don’t believe you must have a full head of hair to be beautiful, many women can understand that hair is a large part of our identities and losing it against your will can make you feel out of control and helpless. I tried, but truly struggled to cope.

Sabra Before

I understood the realities of hair thinning as I aged, but big obscene patches of my hair were gone. Poof, just like that! No matter what hairstyle I tried, I could not mask the lack of femininity I constantly felt. Wigs and turbans may have hidden the bald spots and saved me some embarrassment here and there, but I was still self-conscious. At the end of the day, I knew my hair was gone. I could deal with not having jewelry, expensive clothes and perfumes, and I could even live without a man, but without my hair, my happiness suffered. I cried myself to sleep on countless nights, wishing that somehow I would no longer have to see my scalp as a result of hair loss.

With most products catering to men’s hair loss, I thought I had exhausted all options. I tried countless creams, pills, and the “best” solutions on the market, yet continued to watch my hair disappear before my eyes. In January 2014, I discovered Theradome, the only over-the-counter hair restoration helmet that I was able to use at home. After wearing the helmet for 20 minutes twice a week, after just three months I was no longer losing hair! And after six months, my bald patches were filling in.

Sabra After

Now, I can smile with confidence. I approach life with a new zeal and appreciation and I can directly attribute all of that to my hair growth. I no longer have to hang my head in embarrassment, because now my natural hair sits atop. While some areas are still thinner than others, those bald spots are no more and my hair is still growing. I’m telling my story and my experience using Theradome in hopes that other women, young and old, who battle hair thinning or loss can enjoy the same life-changing experience as me.


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