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Soar with Reading

I had the opportunity to chat with Ron Fairchild, President/CEO at Smarter Learning Group, last week about how to make reading fun for children. He suggested reading books together with your child and to focus on their natural interests. Summers are a great time for freedom and to explore.

Summer is over, and many of us are sending our kids back to school this week, me included.

My son, Sebby loves to read. He’s fascinated with books. He sounds out restaurant signs and billboards as we are driving, he types out the words he sees on the “Notes” section of his iPod. So he’s not your typical 3 ½ year old. I know I’m lucky that my son has seen his father and I read and he naturally has he taken to it.

He started Pre-K today, and I am going to supplement his love for reading with a great program called Soar With Reading. Soar With Reading is a free program which keeps learning fun through activities kits and an interactive website! There are fun reading activities including crosswords, games to sound out words, word scrambles, and more! The activities are focused on early education with your favorite PBS characters like Sid the Science Kid, Dinosaur Train, WordGirl and more!

What I love about Soar With Reading is you can log your child’s reading and see the minutes add up! You can even see what others are reading! It’s a great way to encourage Sebby to keep reading, when other kids just like him are reading too! With all the fun activities and tips there are to do, like creating postcards with his Take Along Hooper, his love for reading is sure to grow. Soon he’ll be reading to his baby sister!

Go ahead! Check out Soar With Reading! For every person that signs up, Jet Blue will donate a book to a child through First Book, and I’m not sure how you can say no to that.

Want to learn more about Soar With Reading? You can read more at their website and follow them on Facebook and Twitter too!

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