I’ve found a new love: substainablebabyish|sloomb

If you are a fitted diaper user and need a breathable cover, or just want adorable well made pants from an amazing company, I highly suggested checking out substainablebabyish|sloomb!

Perhaps better known in cloth diapering community as sloomb or sbish, this company is committed to offering stylish, earth-friendly, durable, made in the USA baby products for your children.

We love our sloomb wool. Our nights have become leak proof with a sloomb soaker over one of their snapless fitteds. Just pin, cover and 11 hours later no leaks! Talk about a new love!

We’ve tested our adorable sloomb shorts and pants on playgrounds – no matter how many times we went up and down the slide they just don’t quit! They are comfy and cozy and easy to care for!

Sloomb is amazing company. What we love:

*All products are made by hand in the USA, by women who are paid fair wages and who care about what they make.

*Most fabric is organic or an organic blend.

*Low impact dyes.

*Fabric is recycled and they donate seconds to communities in need.

*Paperless office – you will not receive paper receipts and extra packaging. your items will arrive safely and securely in 100% recycled mailers, no plastic.

*They expect their products to be given to another when your little ones outgrow them – they are made to last that long

Check them out at www.sloomb.com. Be sure to follow them on twitter too (@sloomb) for sneak peeks at sales, special coupon codes and new products!

do one thing today – sustainablebabyish♥™

Disclaimer: We received free product for our review. No monetary compensation was received for this post. The opinion here is our own.

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