Advice for Moms Over 40

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In my twenties, I was too busy figuring out who I was to think about having kids. By the time I was in my thirties, I knew that even though I was still figuring out who I was. Now I am in my early 40s and I sure wish I had the energy I did in my 20s. Looking for advice for moms over 40? Here’s a somewhere to start.

Being a mom over 40 is no cake walk, but it in some ways it’s so much better. We might have a little less energy, but we’re more tolerant, more patience and have just more life experience in general. In some ways, this makes us stronger, more confident mothers.

Simple Advice for Moms over 40

There are financial benefits to becoming a mom after 40. By now, you might have two decades of work force experience, maybe advanced degrees and hopefully some savings in your bank account. These are definitely advantages over the millennial mom.

The downside of being over 40 and a new mom is energy levels are not the same. It’s important to make sure you’re getting enough sleep. Feel tired? Go to bed! Actually, getting enough sleep is important at any age, and not getting enough can affect many aspects of your health. I relish in nights away from the kids – a hotel room with a comfy bed usually means amazing sleep!

Speaking of health, there are some changes that moms over 40 may experience that younger moms may not. Part of this is our bodies just not bouncing back the same way, and some of it is just getting older. The reality is, your bladder might not be the same. It’s one of those secrets of motherhood that’s totally normal and okay. For moms over 40 who experience these changes, there are products like Member’s Mark Total Protection.

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Taking care of yourself includes finding ways to enjoy the aspects of family life in the same ways that younger moms do. With products like Member’s Mark Total Protection you can still have confidence to travel, run across a field or even dance in the rain! You can keep your confidence!

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There’s good news in the journey for “older moms” in that you’re not alone. Just because you’re the only one over 40 in your playgroup, that doesn’t mean there aren’t other older moms in your community. Look into other local support groups, the library or even Meetups. You were strong enough to brave motherhood after 40, you can still find camaraderie online or in person. I promise.

While some things are definitely different (hello aging in general) Most of the struggles are not unique. There are just different challenges and experiences of younger moms. The experiences of mothering are still rewarding at any age.

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