Kedi is on YouTube Red Today, May 10th!

I’ve always felt that cats are magical creatures, so when I first saw the trailers for Kedi, I was obviously excited. This wonderful cat documentary that made it’s theatrical debut in February is now available for streaming on YouTube Red!

It’s just delightful. The beauty of Istanbul and the wonder of my most favorite animal, you can’t help but fall in love!

Watch Kedi Now!

Kedi Istanbul cat

Kedi, a documentary following the stories of seven uniquely different street cats in Istanbul, is releasing exclusively on YouTube Red on May 10. Director Ceyda Torun makes her directorial debut on this heart-warming and feel-good journey, which critics have been giving a “Two-Paws Up” and has already gone on to achieve a 97% Rotten Tomatoes score in its theatrical run.

The stories told are purrrfect for the whole family, any animal lover, or anyone just looking to be taken on an incredible four-legged journey.

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