Keep your baby “close enough to kiss” with an ERGObaby Carrier

There has been a lot of talk lately about babywearing. Some of the articles you have read have generalized that babywearing is unsafe and only done because it is considered “fashionable” When in truth, if practiced correctly, babywearing is SAFE and can be a wonderful way to connect with your child.

Now, I’ve tried a lot of carriers, A LOT. The favorite in our house when my son was born was the ERGObaby Carrier. The ERGO is easy for both my husband and I to get on, and we always felt our son was secure, from a tiny infant to a 2 year old toddler. We love the ERGO because we feel it supports our son properly. He is in a seated position, snuggled against us and his spine is properly supported. His little legs have never dangled at the crotch unlike many backpack style carriers, which some believe is bad for development. We also love the ERGO because when worn on our front, our son faced inward, so we didn’t have to worry about over-stimulation.


Wearing Sebby in 2010

Last fall, ERGObaby made it that much easier to use their smartly designed carrier with their new Heart to Heart Infant Insert. This innovative new design holds your newborn snug and keeps the baby’s legs and hips in the proper flexed position as well as supporting the baby’s head and neck in this critical stage of development. Newborns and little babies are held in an ergonomic, upright position that supports the natural curvature of the developing spine. Cushions at the back and bottom encourage a healthy hip and leg position by eliminating weight-bearing on the sacrum. Upright position promotes healthy digestion. The Heart 2 Heart Infant insert also holds your baby higher up in the ERGO so its tiny body doesn’t get lost in the carrier.

Can I just say I am in love with the new infant insert? I love knowing that when used properly, my baby will be upright, close enough to kiss and safely snuggled up against me or daddy. It’s cotton, so if it gets dirty, I can just throw it in the wash. Also, the one ERGObaby sent me is organic, so I don’t have to worry about any chemicals from dyes next to my little one’s face.

Which brings me to something else, whether you are wearing your baby in an ERGObaby carrier or another babywearing device, ALWAYS practice the following:

Baby should be close enough to kiss.
Baby should never have his chin resting on his chest.
Baby’s head should be above the rest of her body.
Baby’s knees should be higher than his butt.
Baby’s face shouldn’t be covered by fabric.
Baby’s head should be supported.

If you have questions about safe babywearing practices, there are many many people out there who can help, just ask!

NOTE: ERGObaby provided me with an Heart to Heart Infant Insert to use with my own personal ERGObaby Carrier for the purpose of this review. I was allowed to keep the insert. My opinions of the insert and carrier are my own and have not been influence by monetary means.

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