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Kerri Jablonski - I am the Maven®


My name is Kerri Jablonski and I have a red shoe problem.

Life is also too short for just one hair color.

You’ll find me most often in beautiful Seattle Washington where it does not in fact, rain all the time.

My husband and I met in college in the early 90s in this little tiny Ohio town and finally got around to getting married in 2007. It’s a long story. We have three fabulous kids, two with special needs. Both of our sons have Autism (2008 and 2013) and our daughter (2010) born 8 weeks early due to complications from pre-eclampsia.

We’re cat people, and have two fabulous cats who rule the house and a flock of backyard chickens.

What you’ll find on this site: movies we love, recipes we’ve enjoyed, places we’ve been, tech we’ve tinkered with, clothes we’ve worn and more.

What I do: I write. I tweet. I represent.


For inquiries email: press @ iamthemaven DOT com

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