Are you or your kids exposed to too much blue light?

This sponsored conversation about blue light exposure is made possible by VSP and UNITY lenses.

If you’re wondering if you or your kids are exposed to too much blue light, the answer is yes. With an increasing number of blue light sources in our daily lives; an aging baby boomer population; and a growing number of children learning on digital devices, preventing blue light exposure has become a priority to help reduce the risk of eye conditions like macular degeneration.

Where is this exposure coming from? Everyday objects like fluorescent/CFL/LED light bulbs and the screens of computers, tablets, smartphones and televisions.

Blue light is just what it sounds like—it’s blue and it’s light. But it’s a high-energy wavelength and actually penetrates all the way to the back of the eye. Over time this can cause damage. We’re actually always exposed to blue light from the sun (the sky is blue right?) but it also fades each night.

Blue Light Infographic

Unity Lenses can help with the exposure to blue light

You might remember I told you about getting new UNITY lenses with blue light coating. As a blogger I use my computer more than I want to admit, and the lenses make a huge difference for me.

How does this lens work?

· UNITY lenses with blue light protection filter harmful, high-energy blue light but allow innocuous blue light to pass through. This allows for optimum protection without compromising color or depth perceptions.

· The lenses also block UVA and UVB radiation.

· The lens filters across the entire blue spectrum from 400-500nm with more protection commensurate with potential damage. Essentially, more protection toward 400nm because the most damage occurs at that end of the wavelength.

· The lenses also help filter the specific wavelengths that impact the sleep/wake cycle.

If you or your children wear glasses, consider asking your eye doctor about UNITY lenses. ESPECIALLY your children, because kids are experiencing an uptick in blue light exposure because they are learning and playing on more digital devices than ever before!

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  1. Ridley Fitzgerald says:

    I didn’t realize that blue light could be so damaging. It’s scary to think that there are so many sources of blue light. The fact that I have trouble sleeping shows that I might spend too much time at night in front of a screen.

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