Kid’s T-Shirt Scarf Inspired By American Girl’s Z Yang

Kid's T-Shirt Scarf Inspired by American GirlWhen I told Quincy this week about American Girl’s new Contemporary Character, Z Yang, she immediately started asking me if we could do a craft. I was thinking about what we’d do, and when I saw Z’s accessories at American Girl when I picked her up on April 28, I quickly came up with a plan! Z has the most adorable jersey scarf and I instantly knew we could make a kid’s t-shirt scarf to match! It’s the perfect Z Yang craft!

I had looked at all of Z’s accessories before going into the store and let me tell you, seeing them in person and NOT buying all the things took great restraint. Quincy had asked me for Z’s desk, and her scooter? So cute! I’m definitely going back to get Quincy a shirt just like Z! Probably her desk too!

After going a little overboard at American Girl buying Z and some of her accessories, I headed to Target to pick up what I needed to make a kid’s t-shirt scarf. I hit the jackpot! I found a girls pink striped t that nearly matched the colors of  Z’s jersey scarf! Perfection!Dressing Z Yang

Tonight, after introducing Quincy to Z, we set to work.

Making a Kid’s T-Shirt Scarf is EASY!

1.) Lay a cotton shirt out smooth on a cutting mat.

Lay shirt out flat

2.) Using a straight edge and a rotary cutter, have an adult cut the top of the shirt off, right below the armholes.

Cut off shirt top3.) Cut off them hem, right at the bottom. this is especially important if you don’t have a straight hem.Cut off shirt bottom

4.) Smooth out the shirt again and find the half way point of your cut shirt. Then cut it in half.


5.) Take the two loops and tie them into a square knot.Tie shirt loops in square knot

6.) Fold the two piece together into a loop and have your child put on the t-shirt scarf.

Quincy in her kid's t-shirt scarf with Z Yang

Sew easy! Make sure an adult helps cut your kid’s t-shirt scarf because rotary cutters are sharp!

We can’t wait to have more adventures with Z!

Meet Z Yang!

Meet Z Yang on May 6 at American Girl’s stores in NYC, Chicago, Seattle, Dallas, and DC!  There will be special meet-up events to introduce fans to real girls who, like Z, have gained popularity and a strong online following based on their creative passion for photography and stop motion videos. They are:

o NYC: Basilmentos
o Chicago: AGSmiless
o Seattle: FiveHensandaCockatiel
o Dallas: Mixie Pixie
o DC: FiveDollStars

Plus, from 12-4pm on May 6, head to store for a fun Z Yang craft event!

Here are the details for Seattle, be sure to check your local American Girl store details!

From the small screen to real life, come celebrate the debut of Z Yang, a stop-motion filmmaker from Seattle and American Girl’s newest contemporary character! This event will showcase some of Z’s favorite things, including filmmaking, stop-motion, and a special visit by social influencer 5hensandacockatiel who will showcase her video and photography skills. Girls will also be able to channel their inner director with a special giveaway, featuring a doll-sized movie clapboard and director visor, and can make their own stop-motion film with a Z-themed paper doll craft.

Make this EASY Kid's T-Shirt Scarf inspired by American Girl's Z Yang!


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