Knock Knock! {Who’s there?}

Tig-O the Tiger.

Tig-O the Tiger who?

Tig-O the Tiger wants to help you learn some BIG WORDS.

stuffed tiger

I’ll be the first to tell you I love giving fun and quirky gifts. So I was pretty excited to learn about the online store, Knock Knock.

I’m pretty sure that Tig-O the Tiger fits the quirky and fun category.  You see, Tig-O the Tiger is a Clump-O-Lump – a fun stuffed animal that can transform with the tug of a zipper.

Our Clump-O-Lump has only been on our home for a few weeks, and already he’s warmed our hearts. The “problem” is that now we need more of his friends.

Frog-O the Frog
Shark-O the Shark
Bee-O the Bee
Squid-O the Squid
Bird-O the Bird

What makes Clump-O-Lumps so much fun is they zip apart and then zip back together to make NEW animals! Say what? YES!! Can you imagine the possibilities? You could have a Tig-o-Frog-o-Shark-o or a Shark-o-Tig-o-Squid-o OR… OR!!!! I’m pretty sure that Clump-O-Lumps are fun for just about all ages.

We also received a set of BIG WORD FLASHCARDS. These are so cool!  25 big, impressive sounding, fun to say words!
It’s hard to say who enjoys the BIG WORD FLASHCARDS more, my husband or my kids. It’s really cute to listen to Quincy try and repeat the words her Daddy is saying. It’s a blast! I love the illustrations on the BIG WORDS cards, and that it’s a sneaky way to learn and have fun. So clever Knock Knock!

I’m bookmarking the Knock Knock website for sure, for whenever I need a unique gift!


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Disclosure: I received product from Knock Knock in exchange for this post. No other compensation was received and the opinions here are my own.

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  1. Sandy VanHoey says:

    Now this is definitely different. My 5 year old grandson would love this with the big words. He uses word I don’t even use and he picks up everything he hears . His vocabulary is huge, bigger than mine I think…lol

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