Layaway Holiday Shopping: Myths Debunked #KmartLayaway

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There are some myths that sound Layaway Holiday Shopping and it’s time to debunk them. Quite simply, the main cause of these myths is excuses. Lucky for you, we’ve debunked every excuse in the book:

Layaway Holiday Shopping Excuses

Excuse #1: I’ve never done Layaway before, it seems like too much effort.
Debunked: It’s all in your head. At Kmart, Layaway is not hard work. Whether you have 1 or 100 items , you can Layaway almost everything on your list without paying a service fee through 11/23. Plus, you can pay in store, online or using a mobile phone. Eight or 12 weeks later (depending on your contract) pick up your items and you’re good to go! Bonus: After you figure out how easy it is, you can Layaway all year round at Kmart!

Excuse #2: I don’t have time during the Holiday season to Layaway.
Debunked: Plan now with Layaway at Kmart, get your holiday shopping done early, pay for it over time and have it just in time for gift giving! Go ahead and ask your family and friends what they want this year and start making your list. The sooner you Layaway, the better chance you have at getting the hottest toys and electronics locked away before everyone else. Bonus: You can relax over the holidays and avoid crazy lines!

Excuse #3: I’m not a ShopYourWay Member.
Debunked: That’s hardly an excuse since signing up for the Sears and Kmart rewards program, ShopYourWay only takes a few minutes (LINK to sign up here). You don’t need to be a ShopYourWay Rewards Member to use Kmart Layaway, but you will get MORE. Members earn points on every purchase that can be redeemed next time you shop (look for chances to get more points)! Members also have access to secret sales and extra discounts which helps you stay close to your holiday budget. If you’re opening a Layaway contract as a ShopYourWay Member, we’ll also waive your minimum purchase fee through 9/21.

Now that your excuses have been dismissed, you have no reason to suffer from these silly layaway holiday shopping myths. It’s time to make your list, check it twice and make a Layaway that’s really nice @Kmart!

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