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Holiday Gift Guide Picks – For the Kids!

It’s no secret we are big fans of LeapFrog around here. In fact, we were one of the first families to check out LeapFrog’s new LeapPad. It’s been almost two months now, and it’s been giggles galore. We’ve put it to the test and it’s been a real hit! We love it so much we’ve added it to one of our must haves in our Holiday Gift Guide!

My first impression of the LeapPad was how sturdy it felt in my hands. It felt beefy and sturdy without being too heavy. Considering how much it was going to get dropped in our house, this was important to me. They make a Gel Skin for it, and I think I might be telling Santa about it.

The 5” color touch screen is a great size (you can use the included stylus or your fingers) – bigger at 480×772 resolution than both the screen on our Explorer and my iPhone – but not as large as the iPad (can you imagine the costs if it was!?)

The LeapPad is ready to play right out of the box with Art Studio and Story Studio, the camera and video recorder, Pet Pad and a free app download! So you can pick it up with some batteries and go! Love!

All the LeapPad games are compatible with the LeapPad.  Did you hear me? Compatible. That’s pretty smart, IMO, that means that all those cool games your kid begged for last year for his Explorer will work with his new LeapPad. (Thank you!) Which means you can check out old favorites like Mr. Pencil Saves Doodleburg and NEW favorites like PetPals2 and PixarPals. PetPals2 explores emotions and responsibility as you adopt and take care of your very own puppy! Using math skills you’ll teach your pet tricks and buy him treats and toys! It’s a super cute, fun game! Pixar Pals is full of science and logic challenges, solve puzzles, unlock mini-games and more with WALL-E and EVE, Nemo and Dory or Woody and Buzz! Sebby loved playing with his favorite Pixar Pals, especially Woody and Buzz!

LeapPad and games

Then there are the new apps. And they are really cool! The new Ultra eBooks are awesome! Sebby loves his Cars2 eBook! The cinematic book is engaging and fun, it even includes games!. He loves to read, so I’m looking forward to getting him more eBooks! The games and apps available on the Explorer include lots of old favorites and new ones too, and are priced between $5-25. We’ll get a few new favorites but we are good to go.

Another awesome thing about the LeapPad is that the camera and video recorder is incorporated right into it! No accessories to lose – a real plus! It’s not a fancy camera, but for my 3 ½ year old, it’s perfect. He gets an idea of how to use the camera and take photos and he loves that he can embellish them in the included Art Studio.

Just like the Explorer, you can check out your child’s progress with the Learning Path. I love that I can see how Sebby is doing with the problem solving and games. This is especially important to me since he was recently diagnosed with Autism, so I can see how well he follows instructions. It’s pretty great.

I’m a little bummed that there is no rechargeable internal battery pack for the LeapPad (yet I hope!!) like there is for the Explorer since it uses 4 AAs (which is about 8 hours of use), BUT you CAN use rechargeable batteries of 2000mAH or higher!  We picked up a rechargeable battery set not to long ago, it’s been a good investment.  I’d recommend having two sets of batteries, so one can be charging while the other is in use. In addition, you can also use a AC adaptor (sold separately) to power your LeapPad.

I know there has been a lot of talk about cost. It’s my thoughts that the LeapPad is competitively priced with other hand held gaming systems on the market. The games are the same as well. The difference is I feel more comfortable handing Sebby the LeapPad over a lot of them.

Sebby reading the Cars2 Ultra eBook

Overall we’re pretty happy with the LeapPad, and often heard in our house is “LeapFrog, PLEASE PLEASE OKAY”

Thanks LeapFrog, for letting us be one of the first families to try out the LeapPad Explorer!

I have some exciting news to share as well! We’ll be giving away a LeapPad PLUS a copy of Pixar Pals, PetPals2 and a App Card to one lucky reader next month! We’ll announce the details soon!

Disclaimer: We received a LeapPad Explorer and games as compensation for this review. No other monetary compensation was received for this post and the opinions remain our own. This post contains affiliate links.

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  1. What a great review! I purchased one of these last month as a Christmas gift for my son, we haven’t opened it {yet} to test it out.

    • Thank you. I’m sure your son will love it. Here’s some advice. Open it up and put batteries in it now, install a few apps and then re-package it. That way when your son opens it on Christmas morning, it’s all ready to go. 🙂


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