Learn colors and numbers with Peek-a-shoe!

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If you have a little one who loves putting balls into buckets, you will love Peek-a-Shoe™ Talking Octopus from our friends at LeapFrog.


Little ones will learn:

Children learn to count and compare sets of objects and identify numbers as standing for specific quantities.
Children learn to count and compare sets of objects.
Naming colors gives children words to describe themselves and the world, fostering language development.
Motor Skills
Motor skills allow children to coordinate the muscles needed to pull, push, grasp, point, and write.

Peek-a-show is pretty darn cute! Quincy is just now getting into cause and effect, so dropping the balls in this little purple octopus’s hat or arms up in the sky is super fun! Adding to the fun is retrieving them from underneath the colored shoes! Number and color fun!

LeapFrog smartly sells an extra ball set for the Peek-a-Shoe™ which is a good idea, because Quincy wants to keep putting balls in, and the roll-arounds are just a tiny bit too big! Uh oh! Clogged octopus! That’s definitely NOT FUN.

Our little purple friend might be hanging out with us for awhile so we can get the hang of him. Watch out for the cat and older brothers though, because Peek-a-shoe can tip over and isn’t really designed to be carried around (not by the cat, by the brother, hehe)

Peek-a-shoe occasionally gets colors mixed up but I am not sure if that’s just because we don’t have the toy level. 🙁 boo. That being said, make sure your little purple friend is on a FLAT surface.

Peek-a-shoe is easy to set up, just snap on the shoes and install the two AA batteries (installed with a screwdriver) and thankfully has a volume control! To help save battery power, the octopus will turn off automatically after a period of inactivity. I also love that this toy is not HUGE and is easy for us to stash away when we aren’t playing with it.

If you just want something fun for your toddler with an educational twist, the Peek-a-shoe™ just might be it. 🙂

Disclaimer: I received product for the purpose of this post. No other compensation and the opinion here is my own.

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  1. This is a cute toy.

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