Learning with LeapFrog

I’m part of the LeapFrog Mom Squad – this means my kids are getting to try out some super cool toys from LeapFrog!

Playing with the LeapFrog Platinum and Word Whammer

Back to school had a rocky start for my kids this year due to the teacher strike. Then, just as Miss Q was getting settled into her Kindergarten routine, she was pulled out again for out-patient eye surgery. That being said, I was pretty grateful that I’ve been chosen to be part of the LeapFrog Mom Squad!

In late August, a box arrived at our door with a Word Whammer and a LeapPad Platinum with 3 sets of ImagiCards. Wow, right?

Sebby and Quincy had their hands on the Word Whammer before I could even get it out of the packaging. I’m going to say it was a hit! The Word Whammer is fun filled Kindergarten prep – it’s like LeapFrog KNEW we’d be delayed starting school, because Quincy and her big brother had lots of fun building words, learning letter sounds and learning letters.

The Word Whammer is a hand held, battery operated game with 3 games that adjust to 5 different learning levels. My kids practiced early phonics and spelling skills with this fun toy – they had so much fun! Edison loves it too, he’s still getting the hang of it, but I love his curiousity.

Now, all my kids are pretty tablet savvy, so they navigated the LeapPad Platinum with ease. In fact, Quincy showed ME how to use the Platinum with the Imagicards.

Before I get into why we love the LeapPad Platinum, let me tell you how cool the Imagicards are. While the Imagicards are designed to be used WITH the LeapPad, they also have their own stand alone games. Genius. I love that the cards go beyond tech. They all go in a nifty little tin when the kids aren’t playing with them and they are easy for me to toss in my bag.

The LeapFrog Platinum is a real step up from other LeapPad tablets I’ve used. I love the parental controls and that multiple kids can use the same device. Side note: the only thing I’d change here is to make it so the kids can’t use each others accounts. Sebby is notorious for using his siblings credits when it comes to games!

What makes the LeapFrog Platinum so awesome?

Kid-Safe Web
LeapSearch web browser lets kids explore in safety, with access to only prescreened and kid-appropriate web content and videos. Quincy discovered these immediately and loves them!

Really fantastic parental controls!
Fine-tune and control what your child can access. Ultra-secure parent settings include a four-digit security code, so you can manage Wi-Fi, app purchases, screen time and more. Yes, you can manage screen time, from how long they can play to how long they have to wait to come back.

Safe Social Play
Children love to have fun with their friends. The Pet Chat and Pet Pad Party apps let kids play safely with friends on nearby compatible LeapPad tablets. How cool is that? I can’t wait to check that out!

Honestly? I think my favorite thing about our new LeapPad Platinum is that they are actually pretty good about taking turns with it. It’s amazing.

Our next box of goodies has already arrived, and my kids are adoring their new goodies, so stay tuned for my next LeapFrog Mom Squad post later this month!

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