A letter to my daughter about feeling good in her clothes

This post is sponsored by Lularoe Kerra Mae. Kerra asked me to write a letter to Quincy about finding confidence in herself and choosing clothes that feel good. Kerra is also hosting a special LuLaRoe Pop Up the weekend of April 29th, and will donate $10 to the Washington Autism Alliance and Advocacy for every item sold. Kerra is also going to give one lucky reader a special LuLaRoe outfit with some of my favorite pieces!Details are at the bottom of this post.
Mommy and Me LuLaRoe

Dear Quincy,

Last Monday afternoon you told me you wanted to wear your star pants and your hula hooping kitty shirt to school on Tuesday. You were insistent.

You’ve always been good at expressing your inner fashionista, but in the recent months, you’re getting choosier about your clothes, and definitely more confident. You have your own sense of style and you know what clothes make you feel happy and good about yourself. I hope you don’t lose that. I hope as you grow up you continue to have body confidence and wear clothes that make you happy and feel good.

It’s hard to think about ten years from now, but I know it’s important to let you know that just like your favorite clothes, your body is going to change too. You’ve already noticed your cowgirl boots being replaced, your swirly skirts getting shorter and your favorite graphic tees are getting too small.

There will be times when you are 16 that you wish you had the same carefree fashion style that you do as the six year old you are now, and that the crinoline skirts, patterned leggings and graphic teas paired with pink cowboy boots fit the same.

I want you to always choose clothing that help you feel happy and that will make you want to jump and dance in the rain. That when you look in the mirror you see the daisies of your favorite LuLaRoe dress smiling back at you. I want you to know that you don’t have to hide behind a baggy hoodie and leggings, but it’s also okay if you want to.

Some days you’re going to hate your body, and sometimes you’re going to love it. That’s all normal and part of growing up. I hope you will always find joy in who you are!


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About Kerri Jablonski

Kerri Jablonski AKA The Maven lives in Seattle,WA with her 3 kids (2008, 2010, 2013), husband, cats and backyard chickens. Two of her children have special needs. Kerri enjoys cooking, travel, movies and spending time with her family.


  1. Clothing helps me feel confident because it helps raise my self-esteem, it can flatter my unique shape and it lets me express myself. If it makes me feel good when I’m wearing the clothes, it can boost my attitude and improve my mood! My favorite lularoe are the leggings! I want to try the Amelia and Carly too!

  2. LLR helped me feel confident in my body after I lost a pregnancy and gained even more weight due to the depression that followed.

    LLR clothes helped me love my body again and I’ll never forget that.

  3. Elizabeth Kudebeh says:

    Clothing helps me express who I am. From dressing casual to dressing fancy, I get to shape my wardrobe to my attitude for the day. Lularoe is so comfortable and my favorite are Irmas with leggings. The charity involvement is awesome, especially since lularoe is for every body to feel comfy and fashionable in!

  4. If I’m comfortable and colorful I’m confident. I love the LuLaRoe maxi skirts.

  5. Brittany Martin says:

    Clothing is a tough one for me and always has been. For years I played the comparison game and always felt like I was losing. But recently, I have realized I just need to choose what I want to wear and be okay with it. Someone will always look better than me in something, but that doesn’t mean I can’t rock it in my own way. My favorite LuLaRoe piece is the Cassie because I can wear it a bunch of different ways to suit my need for the day and my attitude. I can make it more fitted for confident day or more flowy and loose for days when I want it.

  6. Liz Kudebeh says:

    Clothing helps me express myself and feel confident in my body. I’ve struggled with body image issues most of my life and it has taken me a long time to discover clothing can help me project the inner me rather than hide myself in. Lularoe helps me feel confident and cool. My favorite pieces are the Carly, the Irma, and of course, leggings!

  7. Heather Jolly says:

    Clothing often reflects how I’m feeling on the inside the less pulled together the less awesome I feel. When I look good on the outside I often feel more confident on the inside.
    I love me a good Randy but really want to get a madison like crazy.

  8. Heather Jolly says:

    Clothing often reflects how I’m feeling on the inside, the less pulled together the less awesome I feel. When I look good on the outside I often feel more confident on the inside.
    I love me a good Randy but really want to get a Madison like crazy.

  9. Susie Donato says:

    Comfy clothing makes me feel confident when I can chase after my toddler but still look put together!

  10. Heather Beden says:

    LuLaRoe has helped me feel good about my body and allowed me to express myself. I love bright colors and didn’t feel confident wearing them. Now I try new patterns and feel beautiful while being comfortable.

  11. Bridget Haughin says:

    I love that I can wear the cute and beautiful clothes while playing with my son and not worrying about being modest or not. Lula Roe gives me the confidence to run, jump and get down on the ground with my son while wearing cute clothes. That’s what I love about Lula Roe!

  12. Clothing has always been about self expression to me and can help me feel confident. Over the past couple of years, my family has dealt with slew of health issues that have been quite challenging. One day, my daughter came in and looked at my closet and asked why every single thing I owned was black. I hadn’t even realized that had happened but it had. We’re on the road to better managing our challenges now, and part of taking back being myself and happiness has been getting clothes with color. It has really felt good to be expressive and happy again with my clothing. And, on those days when life throws its challenges our way, I now put on my wildest, brightest Lularoe print to remind myself of the happy, and that makes me feel confident. I love the Carly and Randy most of all.

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