On Motherhood (I wouldn’t change a thing) Plus a Twitter Party + Giveaway

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I wouldn’t change a thing about being a mom. Except maybe that I frequent the Poise aisle at Walmart a little more often than I’d like (darn you bladder!), and that my favorite sundresses don’t fit anymore. It’s a small price to pay.

My babies aren’t babies anymore. I won’t be packing any more hospital bags to set by the door, I won’t ever hear the whoosh woosh woosh on the doppler machine in my ob’s office. My last baby is becoming a fiercely independent toddler turned preschooler. My oldest is turning eight soon. My little girl who was born 8 weeks early? She’s a kindergartner. And here I am trying to figure out when it happened, and how it happened so fast.

Sebby, my oldest, Halloween 2008

Sebby, my oldest, Halloween 2008

It seems like yesterday I was pregnant with Sebby, buying our first round of baby gear, installing a car seat and shopping for tiny onesies and sleepers. Prenatal classes and baby boards can only prepare you so much for pregnancy, childbirth and life after your babies start to grow up.

No one truly tells you how children or motherhood change you. No one tells you about the how while you love seeing your children learn and grow that you will still really miss those baby days. REALLY miss the baby days. No one tells you the reality of pregnancy complications, pre-term birth and life with children with special needs. No one tells you how hard being a parent is period.

Quincy, sometime in early 2009

Quincy, sometime in early 2009

You spend so much of your time putting your kids first it’s easy to stop taking care of yourself. Somewhere between finding out your pregnant that very first time to 2nd grade (and longer, but I’m not there yet) you lose some of who you were before becoming a mom.

Having kids changes the relationship with your spouse. They change your friends (oh does motherhood change your friends) and don’t get me started when you add special needs to the mix. Your favorite jeans don’t fit the same and you find yourself wanting to go to bed at 9pm.

Edison, Spring 2013

Edison, Spring 2013

But being a mom means you get to be a kid again too, even if it means needing Poise Liners to stay dry and combat the LBL as you chase your kids across the playground. It means you get to relish in what you loved as a child and teach your kids about it too. I wouldn’t give that up for anything. Well, I would give up the whole broken bladder thing, but my kids are worth it.

Family picture on the Ocean City MD boardwalk

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