Littlest Pet Shop with friends

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Quincy checks out these cool new  Littlest Pet Shop toys #LittlestPetShop #Sponsored #MC

What’s more fun than a playdate with friends? A playdate with Littlest Pet Shop! This past weekend, Quincy had some of her buddies over to play and watch one of the latest Littlest Pet Shop DVDs.

Watching a Littlest Pet Shop show #littlestpetshop #sponsored #mc

The Littlest Pet Shop has come along way since it was first introduced “back in the day”. Now there are over 100 new customizable pets, with accessories, deco bits stickers and furniture to decorate their homes. This fall, the Littlest Pet Shop brand has all-new style sets featuring Blythe Baxter, the best pet sitter in Downtown City. These sets are so cool! They can be stacked vertically or set up horizontally for endless play. They also come with lots of decorations and stickers to make them unique! Plus not only can children play with their Littlest Pets’ at home, they can also bring their pets to life with the Littlest Pet Shop app. They can also watch their favorite pets on The Littlest Pet Shop animated TV show from Hasbro on the Discovery Family Channel (formerly Hub Network in the United States)

Friends come to play with Littlest Pet Shop #littlestpetshop #sponsored #mc

We were sent three Littlest Pet Shop play sets to build – a Littlest Pet Shop Style Set and two Blythe Bedroom sets, and an extra pet. Since Quincy got two of the same set, we decided to share the extra set with one of her friends!

We put together the Littlest Pet Shop Style Set and the extra pet. There were TONS of tiny pieces, and since Quincy’s little brother was wandering around we decided to wait to put together her Blythe Bedroom set. That didn’t stop the kids from having a great time and sharing the pets. I know Quincy is super excited about setting up the sets in her room and decorating them!

I love the creativity that the new play sets from Littlest Pet Shop provide, and that Quincu’s friend’s is going to set up her Blythe set totally different from her. That’s pretty awesome!

We had a great playdate with Littlest Pet Shop!

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