Love love love my Lee Jeans!

lee jeans

Post baby fashion usually means fashion disaster. Nothing fits. Thankfully, Lee Jeans saved the day by sending me a super cute pair of cropped jeans from their spring collection.

The fit? Magical as usual. It’s not surprising that Lee dominates my denim wardrobe. The fit and style, not to mention price make them easy to love. And I’ve tried on a lot of jeans. I hate trying on jeans. More often than not they DO NOT FIT – and there is nothing quite more frustrating than taking10 pairs of jeans back to the fitting room and not finding a single pair that’s flattering? Did I mention that these aren’t cheap jeans? Yeah, it’s a little depressing.

So here’s the thing – every pair of Lee Jeans I’ve owned in the past year I’ve gotten online. As in never tried them on before I ordered. Every pair has fit perfectly. The jeggings, the flares, and these new crops. The waist, the length, all of it. And these crops? My post- pregnancy butt has never looked better. WOOT.

I’m one of those tall skinny girls that has a terrible time finding clothes period. Lee’s gold label has been a life saver for me. But wait, before you start on some rant that Lee only fits tall skinny girls, I can promise you that’s not the case. Last year, I went to a  party hosted by Lee at a fellow blogger’s house, and LOTS of women of all sizes found their fit.

lee jeans

Lee does this amazing job of really listening to their customers and designing styles that are flattering, fashionable and fun. It’s no wonder why they are my favorite jeans. I’ve been wearing these crops are nearly every warm day possible (don’t worry, I wash them too) and I love how easy they are to dress up or down. And they look great even when I’m out shopping with friends or hauling the kids around. Yeah, they’re the perfect jean!

I’ll be stalking the Lee Jeans website for sure for their new styles!

Have you found your fit with Lee Jeans?

Disclosure: Lee Jans sent me a pair of jeans in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own. Your butt may look different in the crop jeans… sorry.

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  1. I seriously love my Lees! While loosing weight the only thing I’m sad about is that my favorite pair of Lees are about to be too big (sob!). I found another pair at a thrift store in the next size down and they fit amazingly good as well.

  2. I have NOT yet found my fit with Lees! I’ve been wanting to go find a perfect pair of Lee jeans but I’m trying to lose weight so I’ve been holding out.. I may just have to cave and buy a pair that fits, for now at least. 🙂

  3. And why can’t they perform miracles and make my butt look like that too? Oh, wait! Yours is post-baby and mine well, I still have 8 more weeks! I can’t wait to get back into jeans and Lee will be on the list!

  4. I love Lee jeans, too. You look fabulous in yours. I really adore the size and style selections available from them.

  5. I know this post is about the jeans, but it’s the SHOES that I think are great!

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