New phone for Valentine’s Day? Let’s talk about the Lowest Priced Unlimited Plans!


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It’s February which means in addition to making Valentine’s Day plans, you should be starting on your taxes. With the changes in tax laws, what you owe might be a little depressing. I’m not a certified public accountant, so I can’t tell you how to save money on your taxes. But I can tell you about the Lowest Priced Unlimited Plans for your cell phones, which means more money for Valentine’s Day gifts.

Stay in touch with your Valentine - With the Lowest Priced Unlimited Plans #FamilyMobile #shop

You can save money with the Lowest Priced Unlimited Plans!

I don’t know about you, but my cell phone plan is a killer. It’s not cheap by the time I add up unlimited talk, text and data. Plus, I have a contract with a hefty cancellation fee. It’s definitely not one of the Cheap(est) Wireless Plans available. But the good news is, Walmart has an amazing selection for Unlimited Talk Text and Data/Web plans. Like unbelievably inexpensive. We’re talking $39.88. That’s about $75 (!!!) a month less than what I am paying now! No contracts, no cancellation fees, pay as you go. $39.88. That’s a whole lot of Valentine’s chocolate or maybe a new phone for Valentine’s Day! The Evolve smart phone is only $79, plus the one time fee of $25 for your SIM card. Then you can stay in contact with your loved ones at anytime.

Lowest Priced Unlimited Plans #FamilyMobiel #Shop

Valentine’s Day Gift Idea

Buy your sweetie a new phone with some of your tax return dollars, and get it all set up. Make sure the alerts are on etc. Put it in his/her bag and then text him/her some (safe for work) sweet nothings! They’ll be surprised by the gift and feel good about the messages! Add in a box of chocolates and you really can’t go wrong! Unless they don’t like chocolate. If that is the case, you can send the chocolate to me.

Valentine's Day Gifts - Walmart Family Mobile - #FamilyMobile #Shop

Chocolate aside, these cell phone plans from Walmart really are a fabulous way to save money.  In addition to the Evolve, there are a variety of smart phones available for under $100 – a real solution if you don’t have the cash flow for a more expensive phone or plan.  With these great savings, Walmart Family Mobile makes it easy to stay in touch with your loved ones! While you’re making your list of February to-dos, make sure checking out these plans are on your list. You’ll be happy with the money you save on these cell phone plans!

Money Saving to-dos #FamilyMobile #Shop

I’ll confess, I took advantage of this great deal at Walmart Family Mobile BEFORE I did my taxes. It was such a great savings I couldn’t say no. But now… my taxes loom! At least as my tax bill goes up, I’ll know I’m saving money by having one of the lowest priced unlimited plans!

Tax return dollars for a new phone #FamilyMobile #shop

Will you be getting your loved one a new phone for Valentine’s Day?


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  1. That is super cheap for a smartphone cell plan. Wow. Our bill is so expensive. I have a few family members who could really use a cheaper bill. You know, the job market being what it is. I’ll let them know. Can’t wait for our tax return money too, for lots of reasons!

  2. We might be checking this out together. We most definitely need to rethink our current cell phone service. I know we pay way too much as it is.

  3. Isn’t this price AMAZING? My plan (with a 23% Corporate discount) is 2.5 times the monthly cost! And the phones are a smoking deal!

  4. I’ve had my eye on this Walmart plan for awhile.
    My only concern is how to keep my mobile hot spot on my phone that I have via AT&T.
    But savings $75 a month is a huge savings!

  5. I would have never thought that Walmart offered such wonderful phones and phone plans!

  6. I’m locked into a plan right now…ugh, how I hate feeling like the plan is controlling me! I am going to look into this for my teenage son! Thanks!

  7. wow, that is an amazing savings, will check into it, not sure if it is here in NB but will look

  8. I love that Walmart offers the best mobile plans than any other no contract services around us! And hubby loves his new Evolve! I’m actually thinking about getting rid of my HTC Evo for an Evolve – it seems so much nicer than my HTC! It’s kind of sad! And the price is like 1/4 what I paid for my HTC!!! I am definitely a new fan of Walmart’s Family Mobile plans!

  9. Oh! Look at you and your new fancy phone. I seriously cannot believe it’s under $100! #client

  10. After finding out I lost my unlimited data plan if I upgrade to a new phone, I’m definitely checking out my other options. For 1/3 of the price I am paying now, I could have 3 phones at Walmart!

  11. WOW! I really need to look into this because we pay out the nose for our family plan, texting, data, etc… Thanks for the tip! 🙂

  12. I REALLY need a new carrier and phone, this helped with my research!

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