Paper Carton Planter Craft with Boxed Water

This post showing how to create a paper carton planter craft is part of my Boxed Water Ambassadorship.

Use Boxed Water Cartons for an Easy Paper Carton Planter Craft

This past weekend, we celebrated Quincy’s 6th birthday. She insisted on a “Fairy Princess Art Kitty Mermaid” party. Whatever that means. But, since she was the birthday girl, we did our best to comply.

We decide to make a carton planter craft for our party favor. I wanted to have a fun activity for the kids that allowed them to be creative, but be resourceful in the supplies AND give them a party favor to take home. Boxed Water had sent us a case of their pint cartons for the kids to drink, which gave us the cartons to use for our craft.

It’s probably the easiest craft activity I’ve come up with for 20 plus 5-8 year olds. It seemed like the perfect solution – as soon as we had amassed empty cartons for the kids who wanted to participate, we were ready to do our craft.

Decorating our carton planter.

Milk Carton Planter Craft

All you need:
A Boxed Water carton for each child
Small annual or perennial flowers of your choosing (preferably ones better suited to containers – the 6 packs are better)
Kitchen Shears
Stickers, markers and other embellishments
Potting soil

To make your planter:
Have a trusted adult carefully cut off the tops of the cartons.
Decorate the cartons with markers and stickers.
Carefully remove the flower from pack and place in carton.
Add potting soil if needed.

Kids love decorating paper cartons to plant flowers in.

Easy and simple. It was a real win. Everyone enjoyed the Boxed Water, many of our friends had never had it before and loved the taste. It was extra fun to re-use the containers to plant flowers too. I’m guessing we’ll see this craft again at other friend’s parties!

kids with cartons

Thanks to my bloggy bestie Leanne for helping me capture the photos on Quincy’s birthday!

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