More than just milk.

Selection of food from Smith Brothers FarmsMost of you probably don’t know I grew up surrounded by dairy farms. That my first experiences with milk were not from the grocery store. Things have changed since then, and while I no longer live next to a dairy farm, I do get my milk from a local dairy.

Smith Brothers Farms is a local area dairy based in Kent, Washington. They’ve been delivering milk and other fresh foods to the area for over 90 years.

For the past 3 years, we’ve been having our milk delivered right to our door by Smith Brothers Farms. But the truth is, Smith Brothers Farms is more than just milk. Smith Brothers has a yummy selection of bakery items, easy to prepare meals and even free range turkeys!

So why have I been only ordering milk?

I’m not entirely sure.

Smith Brothers Farms generously offered me a credit so I could explore everything they had to offer. Our family decided to delve into what I’d like to call “the other side” of Smith Brother Farms. We ordered Chuckanut Bay Cheesecakes, pasta and sauce from Cucina Fresca, and of course, Molasses cookies from Alki Bakery and a whole variety of dairy that wasn’t milk! (butter, sour cream, half and half) – and we barely touched the selection of grocery items offered at Smith Brothers. What makes the selection so fantastic is all the local companies. Well done Smith Brothers.

I love knowing with Christmas coming up that I can order a few special things and take the stress off of food prep for the weekend – whether it’s muffins, breakfast sandwiches or orange juice, I know Smith Brothers has me covered.

Smith Brothers Farms Truck

Another reason I love Smith Brothers Farms is that I always have the same driver. It just lends to that more personal family style service.

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