Make these easy DIY Musical Wine Charms!

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Music Wine Charms DIY

When you first discover a new wine, do you share it with your friends or do you keep it to yourself? If you plan on sharing, you’re going to love these musical wine charms for your glasses!

Before you make your musical wine charms, let me tell you about Notable Wines!

Two new Chardonnays were released in March 2017.
California Chardonnay – Notes: Butter, Oak, Vanilla
Australia Chardonnay – Notes: Citrus, Melon, Peach

As I’m learning to love wine, I really appreciate that Notable is the first and only wine that highlights the flavor profiles on the front of the bottle. For someone like me, who doesn’t know much without reading tasting notes, this is really helpful and makes choosing a wine that much easier.

I’m discovering that a great wine stands on it’s own, but when it’s paired with the right foods, everything changes. Wine doesn’t need a full meal to be enjoyed, a plate of cheese, some appetizers or fruit is all you need to enhance the flavors.
Enjoying wine outdoors with a firepit

My husband and I enjoyed a rare opportunity to enjoy a glass of wine on a cool spring evening and make use of our new fire pit – the fire log kept us nice and cozy. It was a great way to unwind and enjoy each others company. Next time, we’ll share Notable Wines with some friends.Make a wine toast

Invite your friends over to experience Notable Wines, before you do, you’ll want to make these musical wine charms so everyone will know which glass is theirs.

Making musical wine charms is an easy DIY!

The amount of DIY wine markers you make will be dependent on how many friends you have over. You’ll just want them all to look different you will be able to tell them apart – I used different colored beads, but you could also vary the music note charms you use.

You’ll need:
music note charms
glass beads
16 gauge wire or sturdy Christmas hooks**
jewelry pliers and wire cutters
cylindrical object (a wine cork is a great size!)
**make sure your beads will fit on your wire!

1. Wrap a length of wire one time around the wine cork (or other round object) to create the loop, cut off any excess wire with cutters.
Wipe wire around cork2. Use the jewelers pliers and create a small hook on one end of the wire.
3. Attach a charm to a jump ring and put it on the hook, then use the pilers to close it into a loop.
add charm to wire4. String beads onto the wire, leaving enough room to make a hook.
add beads to wire5. For the other end, close the loop or make a hook.  Depending on how sturdy your wire is, you can either shape it into a tight horseshoe or close it with a hook.
6. Carefully loop your beaded musical wine charm around the stem of your wine glass.
Close loop on wine charm and put on glass

Note, if your wine charm bends a bit, just use your fingers to gently reshape it. If you want to make a wine bottle decoration to match you wine glass charms, just make a slightly bigger loop to accommodate the neck of a wine bottle, and maybe add a few more charms to a jump ring! Super easy!

Notable wines with cheese and fruitEntertain friends with Notable Wines and your new musical wine charms!

What are you waiting for? Now that you’ve made beautiful wine charms, pick up the two available varietals of Notable Wines, along with your favorite cheeses, crackers & fruit, and enjoy! These two new chardonnay wines are the perfect start to an for an evening for two or a gathering of friends! You’ll want to get the word out to your friends about trying Notable Wines wines with you, National Chardonnay Day is on May 21st!

Learn more about Notable Wines on Facebook and Instagram!

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