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Years of working in the malls during the Holiday season mean I prefer shopping online. Not only do I not have to fight for a parking space or wait in a mile-long line for coffee, but I can research the best prices for what I’m shopping for, and then buy them on the spot, I’ve been doing this for years, which means I have some must have tips for shopping online.
shopping online

Here are some tips for shopping online.

1.) Have a budget. Before you even turn on your computer to check your sale emails or even make a list for who you want to buy for, you need to have a budget of how much money you are planning on spending.

2.) Make a list. Figure out who you need to buy for and what you’d like to buy for them.

3.) Be comfy. You’re shopping from home right? Put on something that makes you feel great and cozy.

4.) Grab a snack. I’m a big fan of snacking and holiday shopping. Just don’t your kiddo dump your tea  on the keyboard of your computer. Don’t ask me how I know.

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The HP All-in-One is a perfect gift for a college student or family computer.

It took me longer to connect my new HP All-in-One to our private network then it did to pull it out of the box and plug it in. It’s simple. One cord for power. Wireless mouse and keyboard. A nice big HD wide screen display. Did I mention the display IS the computer? No joke! A 1 TB hard drive, a DVD burner all in a dreamy teal 19.5” wide screen.

The HP All-in-One at HSN.

Totally random here: This HP AiO is so awesome that I’ll be able to easily move it from my office and into our family room if I want to be with my family and work during the holidays. I’ll call that a mom blogger win!

Enough already, you’ve gotten my tips for shopping online, now head over to HSN and shop now! You don’t have to wait!

Check out these must have tips for shopping online! Hint: You don't have to wait until Black Friday to save!

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