My neighbors’ fabulous dogs #ShedHappens

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When it comes to giving good dogs homes, I have some pretty awesome neighbors, which means pretty awesome dogs. Remember last month when I told you about working with BarkBox and Swiffer and how we’re a cat home? Well, I gave some new dogs in my neighborhood their BarkBoxes this week.

My first box I gave to a neighbor who lives just down the street from me. She recently brought home a new dog, Kyra. December 8 just happened to be Kyra’s 5th birthday, so a BarkBox seemed like the right way to celebrate.

Adopted dog Kyra and her BarkBox

Meet Kyra
From her owner, Cindy…
Kyra was a stray in Texas–which I didn’t really believe until she recently had x-rays, which showed a bit of buckshot permanently lodged in her belly.

I don’t know how she got here, but she lived for a few years with a woman who rented at a house with a family with lots of kids.

There she stayed until her owner moved to an apartment that wouldn’t take dogs. The family was far too busy for her. Kyra turned 5 today but she has lots of energy. She’s super playful and always picks out the young dogs to play with at the park.

The family adopted her out two times, but Kyra apparently dug out under the fence–while the owners were in the yard. The family took her back each time and posted Kyra on Craigslist. Marianne Cavelti, who does a lot of cat and dog rescue, posted Kyra on her FB page, and my friend Sara tagged me.

My 14-year-old pup had just died, and my 15-year-old was almost gone–she died in Sept. I couldn’t resist Kyra’s sweet eyes, and she came to live here at the end of June.

BarkBoxes make great new pet gifts.

I don’t know why the other families had problems. Kyra is the BEST dog. She runs out back and then waits for me on the deck, although she’s learning to hop up at the back door (Dutch door–you know, two parts) so I can see her freckled face popping up in the window. smile emoticon She’s playful and cuddly and sweet–the easiest dog.

I was going to wait until Tova died instead of introducing some whippersnapper to pester her. Turns out, Tova had a great last few months. Since I had to take Kyra to parks, trails, off-leash areas, and such to keep her entertained, Tova got to go all those places, too. She even did a play bow and bounced around a bit. When we went to ShoreDog Park, Kyra would play with the other dogs, and Tova would plod around the perimeter and have a great sniff, cop a few cuddles, go nose-to-nose with some other dogs. Pumped some life back in her.

Now Kyra has inherited the castle. She gets her choice of all these fancy and comfy beds I had for Menschie and Tova.

There are toys in BarkBoxesShe comes with me most places, although I want her to get used to staying home alone, too, for when it gets too hot to take her in the summer.

My second BarkBox I gifted a little differently. I asked on my local BuyNothing group if anyone had recently adopted a dog. Another neighbor, Jessica responded, and told me about Wonka, who you will see had a very special start. Wonka now lives with Zenith just a few blocks from me.

Two lab dogs

Meet Wonka and Zenith
From their owner, Jessica
Wonka is a year and a half and VERY puppy like! He was born at Guide Dogs for the Blind in Oregon and I was his puppy-raiser, training and raising him in preparation of being a Guide Dog. He went to formal training in July and was there through last week, going through the phases and preparing to be a guide dog. He was ‘career changed’ at phase 8, the final phase, because he was considered ‘dog distracted’ and would acknowledge dogs in crowded environments. Getting that far means he is very smart, but ultimately didn’t have guide work in him.

Wonka, a dog working at schoolSo…he became a pet and I adopted him. He joins fellow ‘career changed’ dog, Zenith, a black lab who was also born through Guide Dogs, who helped me raise him. They both spent last year in kindergarten with me and now are Assistants to the Assistant Principal as therapy dogs, working with kids at school (listening to them read, being brushed, snuggled, walked, and loved). He is still very young and LOVES to play – he will just love some toys from the BarkBox. And he’s a lab, so he loves ALL treats!!!

Two labs on leashes.Wonka joins the 50-60% of dogs that aren’t cut out for Guide Dog work but are still wonderful dogs. These dogs are “career changed” and go on to service work, therapy work, and the life of a loved pet.

I love having neighbors that have such a big spot in their hearts for dogs, and that I was able to gift them BarkBoxes. When I told Cindy about the Swiffer products, because we knew Kyra wouldn’t look past the treats and toy. She said “We have dog hair, we qualify!”

No more worrying about the pet hair Cindy!


If you’re thinking of adding a family pet this holiday, don’t forget about bring some Swiffer products home to take care of those little messes. I can’t wait to get to know the new dogs in my neighborhood better. Welcome home Kyra and Wonka. Welcome home!

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