Need a new coffeemaker? Avoid this one from @MyCuisinart

I’m going to preface this post be letting you all know this is not a product that was sent to me for review No, I bought this coffeemaker as a Father’s Day gift  for my husband. After weeks of research. After asking opinions and getting feedback on coffeemakers in my budget. We were actually given feedback about this specific one, and how awesome it was, because it had the hot water maker on it too, so we were excited. Little did we know…

Let’s start at the beginning. I ordered the Cuisinart Coffee PLUS 12 cup programmable coffeemaker  Hot Water System off of Amazon to take advantage of my Prime shipping. When it arrived, I took it out of the box and started to set it up for it’s maiden voyage. AKA run a straight water cycle in both the coffeemaker and hot water reservoir to clean things up. I unwrapped the carafe and set it on the counter, only to have it shatter in a million pieces. Fantastic.

I called Cusinart customer service only to be told by the rep I should box it up and return it, broken carafe and all to the store I purchased it. As in “just between you and me, pretend it was broken when you got it” Sorry, but no. That would be dishonest. They were however, happy to sell me a replacement carafe. I declined.

Instead I contacted Amazon and explained what happened. Said how disappointed I was that I couldnt use my husband’s Father’s Day gift and could they possibly just send me a replacement carafe (not wanting to be wasteful) Amazon intermediately responded with a Return Authorization and said they were shipping out a brand new coffeemaker next day shipping. They apologized for the inconvenience.

The next day I set up the new coffeemaker. Fill it with coffee. Set the timer on the coffeemaker. It makes coffee without a hitch. Pretty good coffee. I was happy. So I refilled the Hot Water Reservoir with fresh water. I put a tea bag in my mug while waiting for it to heat. Once the “Water Ready” light is on, I filled my mug with hot water, top it with some milk and let it steep. A few minutes later I take a sip.

Instead of the bergamont infused taste of Constant Comment I get bergamont infused plastic water. Repulsive. I dump everything out, including the remaining water, refill the reservoir and try again. This time, no tea bag, just a cup. Again, plastic water. I cycled through at least 5 batches of hot water. Still burnt plastic.

I send an email off to the customer service department at Cusinart with my concerns about the burnt plastic taste and possible chemicals being leached and about two days later I get a response.

In case you can’t read it, Clint suggests I run a lemon juice mixture through the hot water reservoir. So after confirming it won’t void my warranty, I give it ago.

Four runs later, lemony plastic water.

Vinegar run.

Tolerable hot water, but I am still annoyed. So I write them again, and let them know I am still not satisfied.

Now they want me to send the unit back, at my cost, and they will send me a replacement (and my guess refurbished) one again, at my cost. No sorry this isn’t working for you, no other troubleshooting, just spend money to ship it back insured and we’ll send you a replacement. Considering I don’t have the advantage of commercial shipping rates, I bet I would spend at least $30 shipping it back.

So I decide to suck it up, and deal with the aftertaste. Partly because I am too busy to deal with it and partly because I can just heat up my water the old fashioned way.

Except this morning, I decide to attempt it again, you know, a “second” (maybe TWENTY-second) chance and my hot water reservoir is now making coffee water. Now, I like coffee, but not in my tea.

Did I mention that the hot water reservoir is completely separate from the coffeemaker? So how does the hot water taste like coffee?

I’m irritated beyond belief. We chose this specific coffeemaker from Cuisinart because it had a hot water reservoir so I could use it for tea, instant oatmeal, soups etc.

Now it’s just a bunch of wasted space, which is unfortunate, because the coffeemaker itself is great. I love that it’s programmable, that it keeps the coffee hot, but I really just want a stand alone coffeemaker. But I don’t want to spend another $100. Nor do I think it’s environmentally friendly to throw out the one I have.

I want to let you know I’ve been more than happy with my Cusinart food processor (until the motor died)so not all of their products stink, but it’s unlikely I will buy one of their coffee makers again. I also think they might want to retrain their customer service team.

So what do I do? Besides start researching hot water kettles that is.

Disclaimer: This post is 100% my opinion. I bought this coffeemaker with my own hard earned money and would probably never even written about it to this degree if my customer service experience hadn’t been so poor. I don’t like blasting brands, I believe in spreading positive information about brands. But I know some friends in the market for a new coffeemaker too.
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