Boppy Pregnancy and Newborn Products!

I am having an affair… with my Boppy Total Body Pillow that is. The very first night I cuddled up to it I slept like a baby, and believe me, in 5-6 months that won’t be the case anymore, so I am in love. The unique design follows the body line to offer support and realignment for neck, belly, back and hips – which translates to SLEEP!

If that wasn’t all, I plan to make my life easier when the bean arrives too, with Boppy’s NEW Newborn Booster. I was so excited when I found out about this revolutionary product. With my son, I was always shoving rolled up towels, spit rags, whatever I could get my hands under my Boppy to get him at the right angle for nursing. Not anymore!

The Boppy Newborn Booster elevates your baby a recommended angle of 30-45 degrees AND its supportive wedge design may aid in reducing acid reflux. It also helps provide a customized fit for parents that are taller or long-waisted. The versatile two-position design offers flexibility as baby grows. Finally I can say goodbye to those silly rolled up towels.

Another great new product by Boppy is their NEW Protective Cover. I am so excited about this too, because I was always washing my pillow! This new hypoallergenic and water-resistant cover was designed in response to numerous customer requests for a liner that would protect the Boppy Pillow from wetness. It fits over the Boppy Pillow and under the Fashion Slipcover, similar to a mattress pad for a bed, providing added protection from spills and accidents. Limit your pillow washings with this handy cover.

Disclaimer: The Maven of Social Media received free product for our review. No monetary compensation was received for this post. The opinion here is our own.

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