New Year’s Resolutions You Won’t Quit

New Year's Resolutions You won't quit

New Year’s Resolutions You Won’t Quit

1. Do the 52-week saving challenge in reverse. If you get the most expensive weeks out of the way first, you’re likely to stick to it.
2. Take the photo-a-day challenge. You don’t have to break out the fancy camera; your smartphone or point and shoot camera will do just fine.
3. Vow to go on more dates with your spouse.
4. Instead of making a resolution to exercise every single day, resolve to do at least one 30-day fitness challenge during 2017. You may find that you like it so much you’ll want to do another, then another…
5. Procrastinate less by using a to-do list to motivate yourself. Crossing things off that list is so satisfying.
6. Have trouble keeping up with journaling or scrapbooking? Start a smashbook instead. There are no rules, and it doesn’t have to look pretty… just glue/tape/smash any mementos you’d like in the book.
7. If you want to keep a cleaner house in 2017, involve the kids in the chores. A cleaner house that’s LESS work for you? Now that’s a winning resolution!
8. Drink more water this year. Water isn’t nearly as boring when it’s flavored. Here are 5 flavored water recipes to try.
9. Leave the kids with the grandparents or another trusted friend/relative once a month for a few hours or overnight to get some alone time to re-energize.
10. Watch less television. Here are more than 100 tv-free activities for kids, and if you’re helping them, that’s time you’re not in front of the tube, too.
11. Try at least one new hairstyle each month, even if you just take it for a spin at home.
12. Get to know your neighbors. Host at least one block party this year.
13. Do more random acts of kindness. You’ll feel good, and you’ll make someone’s day.
14. Try something new for 30 days. If you like it, keep it. If you don’t enjoy the activity after 30 days, ditch it for another.
15. Finally, make achievable resolutions all year long. Don’t wait for a new year to make changes that need to be made. Anytime is a good time to change yourself for the better.

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  1. Great resolutions 🙂 And so cool to see my tips for leaving kids with grandparents <3 thanks for that!

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