Newborn Cloth Diaper picks for 3.0 #clothdiapers

With the arrival of 3.0 less than two months away now, I’ve been pulling out clothing and assessing my cloth diaper stash. Since we weren’t expecting to have another, most of the itty bitty stuff is non-existant.

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Quincy in a goodmama® fitted cloth diaper, Summer 2010

Which of course means I get to shop NEWBORN CLOTH DIAPERS!

First on my newborn cloth diaper list is prefolds. I love prefolds. My first two babies were scrawny little things with no chub, so prefolds allowed me to get a great fit. If 3.0 is chub, prefolds will still allow me to get a great fit. That’s what is so magical about them.

Lots of cloth diapering mamas just cover their prefolds with a wrap, like the ones from Thirsties, but I prefer to make sure I have a good fit with a Snappi. Maybe it’s just one too many poop splosions!

Other favorites for cloth diapering 3.0 will be pockets and the newly discovered love (with Quincy at least) of all in ones.

Pockets and all in ones are great for grandparents and babysitters. Because they go on like a disposable (so to speak) it takes the guess work out of getting the right fit.

Some of my favorite pockets are FuzziBunz, BumGenius and Charlie Banana. I have a few of each in my stash, but they are getting a little worn so I’m going to need some new ones. Come on, some of them have been on babies bums for 5 years! Pockets are great, you can stuff them (my favs are the hemp inserts from BabyKicks) for day to day use and naps. Different styles have snaps or velcro, so you can really find the perfect fit.

For all in one cloth diapers I’m pretty sure my favorite is ones&twos. I love them. I can’t believe I never tried all in ones with Sebby, because they are so easy and brilliant too. No stuffing (unless you want extra oomph) just put them on and you’re done. So easy. My fingers are crossed that ones&twos work as well for 3.0 as they do for Quincy.

So what about fitteds? Well, they are probably one of my favorite cloth diapers. I love how breathable they are and the fabrics are beautiful. But for a newborn, I’m not sure how practical they are. First, I know I could spend a small fortune on them and they only fit for so long. I may try them again if 3.0 is a chunky baby, since they are so absorbant and therefore great for a newborn!

So how do you choose the perfect cloth diaper?

In all honesty, finding the perfect cloth diaper for your newborn make take a little trial and error, no one diaper was perfect for me for my first two little ones, and  expect 3.0 will be a little different to. The great thing is, in the end cloth diapering is affordable and economical over the cloth diapering years for your little one.

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A special thank you to other cloth diapering bloggers who are sharing about cloth diapers on their sites. They’ve all written some great posts with cloth diapering tips and beyond, and you should really check them out.

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  1. i would offer some sleep and babysitting

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  3. Make a couple of home cooked meals to put in her freezer.

  4. Since I don’t have a newborn, I would gift these to a friend whose expecting her 3 blessing!

  5. I would undoubtedly share these with a mom I know who prefers cloth and really needs the extra help obtaining them.

  6. I like to offer a night of babysitting when parents are really in need of sleep. If mom’s BFing, I’ll take every other feeding with a bottle or bring the baby to her to feed and then take care of the rest. Also, lots of meals brought to the family even after the first week.

  7. I would offer a meal, help with the house, other children… Whatever the new mama needs.

  8. Make some food for the family!

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