Our new friend Ubooly! #AdoptUbooly


Our new friend Obooly

Giving Quincy Ubooly was magical. Since she’s the little sister, her brother is usually the one who gets the fancy electronic toys. Not this time. When I read about how Ubooly makes your compatible Apple device a cuddly interactive toy, I knew it would be a hit.

I was right. The instant I activated the special code provided with our snuggly Ubooly, Quincy was entranced. Who could blame her? We asked our new friend to tell us a story, and before I knew it, Quincy was quacking like a duck and Ubooly was INTERACTING with her.


Quincy loves her new friend Ubooly!

We listened to Ubooly tell jokes, interacted with stories and played music. It was lots of fun! So much fun Quincy took him to bed with her. WITHOUT  my iPhone of course. Adorables!

I realize that Quincy is younger than the recommend ages for Ubooly of 4-9 since she’s 2 1/2, but she still loves her orange buddy. I have to help her with the interactive part, but that’s good anyway since we should always supervise our children when they use electronics!

How does Ubooly work?

Ubooly works with iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S, and 5 as well as iPod touch 4G and 5. Ubooly will be adding support for iPad, iPad mini, and certain Android devices in 2013.

When you get your Ubooly, it’s as easy as downloading the FREE app from the iTunes store and installing it on your compatible device. Enter the code provided with your Ubooly by touching the alarm clock and insert your iPod or iPhone upside down into your Ubooly. The best part? You can use your code on up to 5 devices!

Your new orange friend is educational! He encourages creativity through choose-your-own adventure stories, fun challenges, and “play pretend” games. Plus he also knows fun facts about history, science, and even lots of fancy words for your kids to learn. How fun is that!?

Needless to say, I’m excited to keep playing with our new orange buddy, Ubooly, and I know Quincy is too!


Ask your Ubooly to “Play a game” and “Tell me a story” and see what happens! About once a month your new friend will automatically update over your wireless or 3g connection with fun new activities!


Order your Ubooly by December 20th for him to arrive by Christmas, PLUS FREE SHIPPING!

Moms are some of the most savvy mobile users and so are their kids. Ubooly is a toy designed for this new high-tech generation. While learning and sharing new content every week, Ubooly is the only toy that grows with your child. It encourages listening skills, and a break from high-energy / high-stimulation play. Through stories & interactive games, Ubooly’s curiosity is sure to awaken the creativity within your child’s imagination.

Ubooly is the hot toy of the season, it’s new to the scene and is on track to sell out this winter! Free updates through Wi-Fi creates ongoing entertainment for kids.

Click here to adopt your own Ubooly and get FREE SHIPPING now!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Ubooly. The opinions and text are all mine.

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