Perfect bottle at your fingertip

by Melissa Spring

The 90 sec WARM bottle…

Made possible by the Bib’Expresso, otherwise known as the Bib’Awesom-O in my house. This one small appliance is our savior, its slim line design, smart tools and kicky colors makes the Bib’Expresso a permanent addition in our kitchen.

Now let’s get to the nitty gritty.

90 second perfect temperature water for bottles and even warm tea or coca for the toddler or preschooler.
That water you just made in 90 seconds, it can be dispensed directly into the bottle helping to mix the formula or tea or cocoa and all with ONE HAND. You can hold your baby and make a bottle FINALLY!


The warmer is removable…yep it can go where you go to warm baby food jars or homemade frozen cubes.
There is bottle storage on the back that can hold 3 bottles…and wait for it…that same storage compartment is also a sterilizer! Just pop it in the micro with some water and you have sterile bottles!!!!!

Now if all of the above has not made your life easier this will, the Bib’Expresso cleans itself!!!

We love our Bib, it will stay in our kitchen for many years to come. We also lovelovelove our 2-in-1 bottle brush, our snack and formula container as well as our folding draining rack. They all make me, as a bottle feeding mom feel like things can finally be done with ease!


Disclaimer: We received products from Scandinavian Child for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was received and the opinions here are our own.


  1. Shena Deokoro says:

    This would be a life saver for me. Ill need this when I deliver my baby in March.

  2. This is quite handy.

  3. daisy burgos says:

    thats awesome

  4. wow where was this when my kids where babies

  5. great article !

  6. daisy burgos says:

    thanks for info

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