Kitchen Hack: Pet Feeding Station

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Convert that cluttered cabinet in your kitchen to a pet feeding station #1StopPetShop #ad

Something strange happened to me the other day. I heard a commotion in the middle of the night – when I got out of bed to investigate I found a drawing for a new pet feeding station. It’s like they know I’m tired of tripping over the water bowl. The reverse side of the drawing? It was my shopping list for Target, with some additions: cat food, toys, tuna fish. Nixie and Milo? Nowhere to be found. Typical.

The cats made a shopping list for Iams and Target #1StopPetShop #ad

Target is my one stop shop (isn’t it everyone’s?) for nearly everything – especially my grocery staples, so it’s no surprise my cats added IAMS to the list. In fact, they’re pretty smart because Target’s Cartwheel App will feature 3 IAMS offers over the next few weeks.

10% off IAMS dog food (includes both wet & dry) (Expires 7/25)
10% off IAMS dry cat food (Expires 7/11)
5% off IAMS wet cat food (Expires 7/11)

Pick up your groceries at Target and pick up some Iams too! #1StopPetShop #ad

I decided it was in my best interest to succumb to my cats demands requests and I picked up some dry food for them and a new cat toy or two while doing my grocery shopping.

Now, here’s the thing, I knew very well that buying the IAMS wasn’t enough. Even though IAMS pet food can do amazing things for them like boost their immunity, aid in digestion and promote oral hygiene they clearly wanted more. Like a private pet feeding station just for them.

Or as they call it, “Cat Diner”

Cat Diner Plans #1StopPetShop #ad

You know how a lot of people have a junk drawer in their kitchen? I have a junk cabinet. With the motivation from Nixie and Milo, it was time to turn it into a pet feeding station. Not only does it force me to deal with some of the kitchen clutter, but it gives them a nicer place to enjoy their meals.

Creating a pet feeding station from a kitchen cabinet

The first thing I did was  take off the door.  I figured if the clutter was staring me in the face, I’d have to deal with it right away. The advantage of older style wooden cabinets is removal of the door was easy.

Then I put everything that was in the cabinets that I was keeping away and in a new home. The rest of it I set aside to gift in my local Buy Nothing group.

With the cabinet empty, I wiped it down with a non toxic cleaner. After all, my cats will be eating their IAMS in there, right?

Pet feeding station in just a few steps #1StopPetShop #ad

I set up a new pet water fountain for them as well as their food dishes on a tray that I can wipe off easily to keep things clean. (The dishwasher is conveniently right next to my pet feeding station so I had electricity!)

Nixie and Milo in their pet feeding station with Iams #1StopPetShop #ad

That’s it. Nixie and Milo have a new place to eat their dry cat food and I’m no longer stepping on kibble.

Everyone is grateful.

Nixie enjoying her kitchen hack pet feeding station built just for her and Milo #1StopPetShop #ad

Do your pets hijack your Target shopping list? What do they add to it?

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  1. I love that water fountain! Does it prevent them from spilling the water everywhere? Where can I find it?

  2. Milo and Nixie are very clever! They sure do know how to get their way. 🙂 Looks like they love their new Cat Diner. #client

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