Quincy loves her ones & twos cloth diaper

ones & twos
There is nothing quite like the squishy goodness of a cloth diaper on a baby’s bum. Unless of course, it’s new squishy goodness.

Introducing ones & twos, super convenient cloth nappies!

And they are convenient! ones & twos are an all-in-one , which means your microfiber is sewn in inside a layer of stay-dry suede cloth. There is an extra optional microfiber (w/stay dry layer) booster that comes with your diaper, you can either stuff it in the pocket or just lay it on top, that’s your choice! I need to give it a try, but I am thinking that ones & twos might be an amazing night time diaper – and I know we are all on the quest for that!

ones & twos are “one size fits most” with 4 snap down rise adjustments to fit babies from 6.5lbs to 40lbs! The Velcro hook & loop closures are so easy to use and great for getting that perfect fit. I have a little peanut, so I love the fit. If I had a 3rd arm, I would have taken another picture of you so you could see how well it really fits her. Snug without being too tight.

Choose from 6 simple and vibrant colors available plus white is sold in packs of 5 and they are really affordable at only $16.95 each (or $79.95 for a pack of 5 White/only $15.99 each when sold in the pack)! Plain and simple. Obviously, Quincy prefers the pink.

Because they are all-in-ones, they are so simple to use – just like a disposable only reusable! (please don’t throw out your nappy!) Wash them just like you would your other cloth diapers – no change in your routine! I’m sure you’re concerned about dryer time – being an all-in-one. Well, I have the worst dryer in the world (really) and I still pulled a dry diaper out of the dryer when the cycle was finished.


Disclaimer: I received a ones & twos diaper for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was received and the opinions here are my own.


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  1. I like that they are easy to wash.
    Dree Getz recently posted..SpringBoard Android Tablet Giveaway

  2. Honestly, it was the name and the logo that first attracted me!

  3. The fact that they are all in ones! It’s a must have in my household.
    Randa recently posted..Social Sunday | February 26th

  4. I love that they are AIO – and cute colors, too!

  5. I like that they are AIO but with the front pocket for the additional soaker.

  6. i love their colors!

  7. I like that the ones&twos only come in aplix. It’s my dirty secret that I prefer aplix, but whenever given the choice, I always make myself buy snaps because I know that moms are supposed to like that closure better 🙂

  8. Love the colors and I like that there are 4 snap downs for rise adjustment!

  9. I like that they are all-in-ones and simple to use

  10. I like that it comes with an extra booster that you can just lay in

  11. I like the size range of the diaper.

  12. They are all in ones!!!

  13. Super sticky aplix. Also super easy to use. No stuffing!

  14. Rebecca Mitchell says:

    I like that they have four snap down rises!

  15. I love that it comes in hook and loop… My DH prefers it…

  16. i like that they are
    AIO and daddy friendly 🙂

  17. That they are an aio and they dry fast! I hate 160 min dry times >.<
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