Quincy’s new PLAY-DOH books

Much to Quincy’s delight, we received some fun PLAY-DOH books on behalf of Mom Spark Media to review. She’s had a lot of fun ‘reading’ them this week, and I don’t blame her, they’re pretty great!

From learning new words to identifying what’s in the picture, the PLAY-DOH books offer lots of opportunities to learn. An added bonus is we LOVE to play with PLAY-DOH so it’s so easy to tie in the learning and playing factor!

The pictures are fun and colorful and you guessed it – created with PLAY-DOH!!

play-doh books

Silver Dolphin Books, a publisher of high-quality, offers novelty and activity-based books for children. This spring they are excited to share five new PLAY-DOH brand board books with you!

The five books include:

Mama’s Little Ducklings. One of Mama Duck’s eggs is on a roll! Where could it be?
My First Words. This book introduces young readers to a wonderful world of words with over 50 labeled illustrations!
Counting Bunnies. Ten silly bunnies teach kids to count from one to ten!
Making Shapes with Monkey. Monkey uses shapes to make all kinds of useful items for his friends.
Rainbow Butterflies. Butterflies in all the colors of the rainbow subtly hide for young readers to discover.

These books are colorful and full of life, and will use the iconic PLAY-DOH brand to illustrate early learning concepts and give kids a hands-on learning tool. We’re sure your children will love the fun PLAY-DOH sculpts throughout the books.


PLAY-DOH books giveaway won by Liza C.

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