Quincy’s New Snack: Beanitos’ new Mac N’ Cheese Crunch

BeanitosWe’ve been back to school for a week. With the bell times at Seattle Public Schools, the kids have been up earlier. Two hours earlier. It’s a harsh reality that we’ve all be getting used to. The biggest thing is we no longer have our leisurely morning breakfast and maybe watch a movie; it’s more of a grab a waffle and run for the bus kind of morning. This also means they are eating lunch way earlier than they are typically used to.

Quincy barely has her feet off the bus before she’s telling me “her tummy is starving.” I can’t blame her, not only is she eating at different times then she’s used to, but she doesn’t have much time to eat. Poor kid. She’s like me though – she’s a snacker. I’ve been making an effort to have snacks ready to go right when she gets off the bus, so when she gets home, she can put her backpack away, take off her shoes, wash her hands and have something to eat.

She doesn’t know it yet, but a surprise is waiting for her when she gets home from school today! We have an advanced press copy of Beauty and the Beast and a bag of Mac N’ Cheese Crunch!


Beanitos’ new Mac N’ Cheese Crunch is quickly going to become a new favorite. You can find it at Costco (while supplies last) while you’re picking up your other school necessities. Not only does it taste like melty Mac n’ Cheese goodness, but it packs 4 grams of protein and 3 grams of fiber per serving! It also has 0 artificial ingredients, 0g trans-fat, is gluten-free and vegetarian – making it a pretty perfect after school movie snack!

beanitos crunch

This new snack has come a long way from the puffed cheese snacks that frequented the school lunches of my childhood. The only problem I can see with them is that Quincy may give me the side eye if I try to give her Mac ‘n’ Cheese for dinner, since she’ll point out she can’t have it two “meals” in a row. Oh that child. Six going on sixteen. What matters though, is that they’re a hit, right?

·Beanitos are a bean-based chip with great flavor and powerful nutrition – they are packed with protein and fiber, always gluten/corn free and delicious.

·They are always gluten free, Non-GMO and taste incredible. The best part – they’re made from wholesome beans!

·Everyone’s favorite childhood memory of munching on puffed snacks can now be revived with better-for-you, protein and fiber-filled, flavorful Crunch. Boasting real cheese flavor (just like that beloved comfort food dish), it has 0 artificial ingredients and 0g trans-fat!

·For a limited time only, the Crunch 21 oz. bags will be available at Costco’s in the Northwest (Utah, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Montana, AK) and Texas regions

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