Reading FUN with the V.Reader from VTech Toys!

Well this is embarrassing. The week before Quincy was born we received a box from Vtech Toys (remember our awesome MobiGo giveaway?) I was home long enough to open the box and check it out their new V.Reader – which my son and I were instantly enamored with. Fast forward a 3am admittance to the hospital the next day and an emergency c-section about 36 hours later and I completely spaced on the V.Reader.

Like I said, embarrassing.

So, 20 weeks later (not my normal timeline, I can assure you) I realized I hadn’t told you all about the V.Reader. So here we are, just in time for the holidays. We love it! I’m already looking for new stories for Santa to bring to our house. With my son eager and already learning to read, the Vreader makes it so much easier!

Geared towards 3-7 year olds, this is like a mini Kindle. If you have a savvy toddler (my son is under 3) I’m sure they will enjoy it too! The V.Reader reads the story to your child, and they can follow along, touch the screen to play integrated games and also make different actions occur in the story. It’s pretty cool. My son LOVES the touch screen. In addition to the story, there is a story dictionary – how fabulous is that! What a great way to learn new words.

The V.Reader comes with a cute story cartridge called “What’s That Noise?” – It’s about a dog learning about all the new sounds in the city. There are over 100 titles to choose from – either from free downloads from your computer (you store them on an SD Card) or from cartridges that are sold separately. You have to see the whole e-reader collection at V.Tech Kids. They retail for $19.99 each – that’s for the e-book and educational games – that’s a value!

The V.Reader has a huge 4.3 inch color touch screen and a SD memory card slot for memory expansion. You can plug in the V.Reader with a supplied USB Cord to get progress reports and reading certificates for the kids. It’s battery powered, but you can buy an optional power adaptor so you aren’t constantly out buying them (so thankful for that power cord!!)

The V.Reader is available at major retailers and online at The V.Reader is available in Blue or Pink and retails for $59.99.

“I was given a V.Reader by VTech for my review. I was allowed to keep the product, but the opinion I am sharing remains my own.”

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