Reasons why small businesses and bloggers need private cloud storage

Thanks to Western Digital for sponsoring today’s discussion and also providing me a My Cloud EX2 to use and review.


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Oh the irony. I had this post nearly all the way written and “save draft” failed on Word Press. A small blip in lost data, but a blip nevertheless. It’s not something that could have been saved by private cloud storage, but it does get me to thinking why I’m glad I (finally) have it.

I can think of a lot of reasons small businesses and bloggers need private cloud storage, but for the sake of being brief, and to not get so long winded that my browser times out on me and I lose my post again, I am going to stick to five.

1.) Laptop backup. I had a MacBook bite the dust this summer. A keyboard failure lead to a logic board failure, and I almost wasn’t able to backup my hard drive. The potential income lost would have been beyond traffic. The solution? Daily backups. Over the cloud. Now, I don’t want to experience another death of a laptop, but at least IF that happens, my data is backed up.

2.) Your website or blog. So my host backs up my site for me as part of my hosting. BUT I’m thinking it’s probably a good idea if I back it up too, just because, well, things happen. As I’ve learned from the laptop incident, I can’t rely on backing it up to just my computer either.

3.) Your phone or tablet. With mobile apps for both iOs and Android, it’s easy to back up your mobile devices. “WD My Cloud mobile app users can easily view photos, stream video and share, save and manage files from anywhere on their iOS® and Android™ devices. The mobile app makes file sharing and collaborating simple, allowing customers to easily email files, share files as a link, and print and open files with third party apps. The WD My Cloud mobile app integrates major public cloud services so that business owners can easily transfer files from their Dropbox™, SkyDrive® and Google Drive™ public cloud accounts.”

4.) Photos and Videos. They take up a lot of space. Whether you’re a blog or a business it’s one thing you need to make sure you have space for. Luckily the WD My Cloud EX2 provides several capacity options for business owners to choose from, including a diskless enclosure allowing users to build their own NAS with the drives of their choice, as well as populated systems in 4TB, 6TB or 8TB capacities. So, in theory, you won’t run out of space anytime soon.

5.) Piece of Mind. Knowing your data is backed up and secure with Cloud storage for small businesses makes it easier to focus on other things to make your business successful. Losing your data should be the last thing you worry about if you have secure cloud storage.

You probably have loads of questions I can’t answer, so  heard over to the My Cloud EX2 landing page to learn more or purchase your own My Cloud EX2.

WD My Cloud EX2 Specifications include:


• MAP is $199.99 USD for the diskless My Cloud EX2, $369.99 USD for 4 TB, $469.99 USD for 6 TB and $569.99 USD for 8 TB.


• Windows 8.1 or earlier, Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows XP (32 bit) SP 3 operating systems
• Mac OS X Mavericks, Mountain Lion, Lion or Snow Leopard operating systems
• DLNA/UPnP devices for streaming
• Router with Internet connection

Package Includes

• Private cloud storage
• Ethernet cable
• AC adapter
• Quick install guide
• Assembly kit (included in 0 TB/diskless model)

Do you have a reason to use private cloud storage?

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  1. These are great reasons. I need to think about this more. I know I’m not backed up like I should be. I remember your horror story this summer of your laptop/storage fiasco.

  2. I use sonic fir a small amount of online storage but having lost a laptop with so many valuable photos on it, I would love to use one full time and not worry.

  3. Our first computer together was purchased in 2006 and was a laptop. When the stupid thing finally died on us in 2009, we were screwed (and still are). All the pictures of my daughter as well as the first few months of my son’s life are all on that darn laptop and we are still working to get it off! This would have definitely come in handy then!!

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