New Year’s Resolutions: Reasons to Get In Shape

This post about reasons to get in shape as part of a sponsored series for Socialstars and Poise. #LadiesWithPoiseNew Year's Resolutions: Reasons to Get In Shape
Fitness goals are probably one of the most popular New Years Resolutions. Whether it’s eating better, exercising more losing weight, a quick Google search will lead you to hundreds, if not thousands of posts about how to get in shape for the new year. But do you know there are actually solid reasons to want to get in shape?

New Year's Resolutions: Reasons to Get In Shape

Here are some reasons to get in shape you might not be thinking about:

You are less likely to get sick.

Regular exercise definitely boosts your immune system, which should mean you’ll see fewer colds and maybe even avoid the flu. But this has a catch-22. Too much exercise can wear down the body, which actually makes you more likely to get sick.

It makes you feel better.

When you get active, your body releases endorphins that might help to boost your morale and reduce anxiety. It’s not a complete cure, but it can help lesson your symptoms. A lot of my friends swear by the runner’s high, and I think they may be on to something.

It makes you smarter.
Exercise obviously increases blood flow. Which means you’re going to feel more awake, more alert and productive. There are also studies that show that exercising on a regular basis can help create new brain cells.

It lowers your blood pressure.
When you exercise more, your heart becomes more efficient. This means your resting heart rate may drop.. Since higher resting heart rates put you at risk for heart disease, it’s a great reason to get more steps in! Not to mention, inactivity can increase your risk for a stroke by twenty percent.

Kick the migraine to the curb!
In some cases, exercise can be more effective than medication, and can stop those debilitating and annoying headaches before they start. I know personally exercise sometimes helps me my migraines at bay.

Fight back against osteoporosis.
So many studies have shown that weight-bearing exercise can build up bone strength. A natural decline in bone health is typical with aging. You’ll want to add walking, jogging and strength-training to your routine to help combat bone loss.

You’ll sleep better.
Ever notice how when you’ve really worked hard physically, you have a better nights sleep? Not to mention more exercise helps less then severity of restless leg syndrome. So go ahead, work out!
New Year's Resolutions: Reasons to Get In Shape

What’s holding you back from your goal to get in shape?

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New Year's Resolutions: Reasons to Get In Shape

What are you waiting for? Bring on 2016. Here’s to better sleep, better health and feeling great!

**Please consider talking to your doctor before starting a new exercise plan. This post is not to be construed as medical advice.**

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