Five Reasons to Stay at Home to Watch the Big Game.

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Watching the big game at home

The big game. You know the one I’m talking about. It’s just over a week away. While you’re making your plans to go see it a your local bar, I’m going to give you some solid reasons to stay at home to watch the game.

1.) The likelihood of someone sitting in your favorite game day viewing spot is unlikely. It’s pretty easy to call dibs on your own spot on the couch. Claiming it at the bar may require hours of stake out time, and who has time for that?

2.) The snacks you want, when you want them. Let’s face it, no one wants lukewarm nachos that have been sitting under the warmer for 20 minutes. And flagging down a server to get you a drink? Forget it. It’s easier to have your own snacks, fully stocked, ready to go.

Speaking of snacks, the other perk of eating at home if there’s some brisket caught in your teeth, you can sneak away at halftime and take care of it with the Oral B Vitality toothbrush with MicroPulse bristles to clean between teeth with Crest Prohealth Advanced Toothpaste. You’ll get rid of the brisket, have a dazzling smile and you won’t have missed any critical plays.

3.) Control of the remote. One of the awesome things about today’s technology and Cable, is most services allow you to rewind live TV. So if you want to see that play one more time, you can. Or even 5 more times if it’s an epic touchdown. This is also important if you have stepped out of the room for your nachos.

4.) You might shed a few tears during the game when your favorite football team makes an amazing play. For the women in the house, there is COVERGIRL LashBlast Mascara (available in waterproof) to keep your makeup looking great despite your tears of joy.

5.) No fighting for parking and no traffic. My absolute favorite reason for watching the big game at home? Not having to deal with traffic. I can focus on enjoying friends, family and football without ever leaving the house.


Before you hunker down to have your own big game festivities, head to Walmart for any essentials you need for your #GameDayTraditions . From the LashBlast Mascara, to your new OralB toothbrush, you’re going to find everything you need. And obviously, don’t forget your snacks!


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