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Thanks to F-Secure SAFE for sponsoring post about Internet security and the amazing giveaway for a Samsung Galaxy Edge 32GB. This series is part of a AllStar campaign.Reasons you need Internet SecurityTechnology is a magical thing. I remember my first time really using the Internet in college, my first email, my first ICQ chat room. Back then, I didn’t give much thought to Internet security. But perhaps I should have. Granted, this was over 20 years ago, and a lot has changed since then.

The truth is, not everyone that uses laptops, phones and tablets to access the Internet know the “rules” on keeping information safe. That’s a problem.

PEOPLE are the reason you need Internet security.

Your child on any device connected to the Internet.
Anyone who lets a friend/family member use their phone/tablet/computer “just for a moment”
Anyone who isn’t familiar with technology outside pushing a power button.
Everyone. Let’s be honest, even the savviest people can still be at risk.

So who is at risk?

Let’s start out with kids. How many times have you handed over your phone or tablet to your child at the grocery store, a doctors office or other appointment to occupy them. I know I used to. I also know it took less than a New York minute for my then toddler to call my attorney and leave a voice mail. While no security software would have prevented that call, that’s not the only thing than go wrong when a child has technology in their clutches. Kids are curious. If they can click on a link, download an app, they will. And a tween or teenager with a computer and access to the Internet? Lock it down. The last thing you need to worry about is them downloading CandyCrush. You need to think about all of the websites you don’t want them to be on.
School kids with tablet PC

Other people. I’m one of those people that doesn’t like when people ask to use my phone for a moment to make a call or look something up. People do weird things when things don’t belong to them. I’m not saying their malicious, but more often than not, I’m willing to bet you that the general public doesn’t keep safe browsing habits in mind when they are on an Internet device that doesn’t belong to them.

Playing with devices

People who “don’t understand the Internet” – Have you ever gone to a website and a popup appears with random messages? Ones like “You’ve won XXXX Click here!” or, more often “Your computer has been contaminated with a virus, click here to remove the virus AND call 1-800-555-1212 immediately” I’d like think that MOST people know NOT to click on those boxes. But the honest truth is most people don’t know not to click on them. Unfortunately for most of us, the Internet in all of it’s glory brought out a lot of undesirable people. Scammers who prey on people that don’t know not to click or download all things.  Sometimes phishing links come in emails disguised as legitimate business emails as well. I get them from “my bank” a few times a week. I know not to click, but not everyone does.

Shocked businesswoman having problems with computer.

Even if you ARE tech savvy, things happen. Some viruses don’t require a click or download to get things rolling. Sometimes an entire site can be malware and you don’t even know it. Sometimes a site you go to all of the time can be compromised.

Hipster desktop

There is an answer to all of these things. Remember how I talked about F-Secure SAFE earlier this month? F-Secure SAFE is for everyone. Whether F-Secure SAFE is installed on a tablet used by kids, a shared computer at home, your work laptop or your phone, you’re protected from Internet harm.

fsecure-safeF-Secure SAFE offers virus protection (for both Macs and PC), banking and browsing protection (online shoppers unite!) network protection and even parental controls to help keep your family safe and monitor their online activity. Have questions? Check out my full write up on the features of F-Secure SAFE.

What are you waiting for? Snag your FREE 4 month trial of F-Secure SAFE  today, and start protecting yourself on the Internet!

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  1. These are really valid points,and it’s very important to be mindful of everything you address here. Protecting yourself online from any potential threats is essential nowadays. Thanks so much for sharing practical methods to prevent such issues!

  2. Some really good points related to the importance of internet security here Kerri. Thanks for sharing this with all of us. I believe the best preparation moms and pops can do for home is teach their children the basics of internet safety, especially setting up and monitoring privacy settings, supervising childrens’ devices with internet access or even internet connection capabilities and finally installing anti virus software on every device in your household.

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