Recaro has earned my love

Three years ago when I heard the name Recaro I thought aftermarket Motorcross seats.  Fast forward to now, three years and two kids later, when I hear Recaro I think AMAZING car seat. So  I was beyond excited when I got the opportunity to get a Recaro ProRIDE for review.

We were given the ProRIDE in Hanna and not only is it beautiful it has exceeded all of the US federally mandated safety regulations as well as being certified for use in aircraft the ProRIDE is also tested and passed the ADAC for side impact protection.

Since there are so many fantastic features of the ProRIDE I am going to pick a few of my favorites.  The first things that I noticed that was totally different than any other convertible seat  I have seen are the belt paths and the TrueLock mechanism that helps you make sure that the seatbelt is tight and secure wither rear or forward facing. The next thing that I love is that there are not straps to adjust, your eyes are fine and you read that right there are no straps to undo and re-thread through the seat all the while scratching your hands up on the plastic of the seat. The ProRIDE features an easy adjustable knob that moves the headrest and straps up and down for an easy adjust option. The last feature that I loved was the easy to use recline lever for rear facing use. Since I have always had to get into a wrestling match with my seats to get them to recline I was ecstatic to find out that with the ProRIDE I could recline with ease and use one hand since I always need the other for a sippy cup or toy of some sort.

So now let’s cover what all of us parents dread, the car seat installation. I have installed a few different types of car seats and will admit that no matter how many times I have installed or re-installed I always have to go over the manual a couple of times to make sure that it is done correctly. So with the ProRIDE I started like I do with all other car seats. I located the instruction manual and I immediately noticed a difference. The Recaro ProRIDE instruction manual was very straight forward and easy to follow. I was able to get the seat installed rear facing and forward facing without a problem and I felt CONFIDENT that I had done it right! As an extended rear facing parent it was nice to see that that the seat goes up to 35 lbs rear facing and up to 70 lbs forward facing so this one seat will carry and keep Marlee safe until she is ready to be without a seat.

It is abundantly clear the love and sheer attention to safety, convenience and comfort that went into designing and creating this car seat. The only downfall…I have two in car seats and only one Recaro ProRIDE.

Disclaimer: A representative of The Maven of Social Media received product for the purpose of this review. No monetary compensation was received for this post and the opinions here are our own.

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  1. I wonder what the weight limit and height limit are. Until I can get a wheelchair van my son will have to be in a car seat and he’s getting big. I’m off to check it out.

    • Anonymous says:

      I looked it up for you! Rear-facing: appropriate for children who are 37.5″ tall or less and who weigh 5 to 35 pounds/ forward facing: appropriate for children who are 50″ tall or less and who weigh 20 to 70 pounds

      Hope that helps!

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