A place to nap for Edison from Summer Infant!

Right after Edison was born (like right after, I think I was home for about 36 hours) I received an email from my friends at Summer Infant asking if I wanted to try out their new Resting Up™ Napper. Since I’m all about places to safely keep my baby, I was happy to say YES!

As I type this post, Edison is happily chilling in the Resting Up™ Napper. He’s hiccuping and cooing away, and I love that he can sort of see me sitting on the couch next to him. It’s our new favorite infant seat! Unless he gets crazy mobile on me, he’ll have this cozy little seat to chill out in until he’s about 5 months old, or when he starts pushing up on his hands or knees.

Our new favorite infant seat!

infant seat

Important things about the Resting Up™ Napper

  • NEVER use the Napper on anything other than the floor. Do not place it in cribs on beds, sofas, counters etc. This makes it extremely unsafe and is not it’s intended use. I feel it’s super important to point this out. I know bringing a new baby home can mean exhaustion, and it’s easy to forget this.
  • ALWAYS use the 3 point safety harness – it keeps your little secure and plus you never know if the day they decide to become mobile is when they are sitting in the Resting Up™ Napper!
  • The seat pad is 100% removable and machine washable. Because of this, it’s very easy to keep clean and likely not to mold. A real plus!
  • The vibration unit is magical to Edison, he really likes it, but it’s LOUD. Of course, I’ll take LOUD if it means a calm baby if I need it.
  • It’s portable. Not only is it easy to transport from room to room (without Edison in it!) it also conveniently folds up so it’s easy to take to a friend’s house. That’s a huge plus to me. So much better than keeping him in his carseat.
  •  The seat inclines to a 30 degree angle for better sleep.

Edison is my third baby, and so I’ve tried a lot of baby containment devices. I really like the Resting Up™ Napper, though part of me wishes it would rock. Just a tiny bit. That would make it just about perfect for us!

Disclosure: I received a sample product for this review. No other compensation was received and my opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

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  1. We have something similar that #3 spends most of her waking hours in and loves it, but ours doesn’t vibrate! How cool that this one does!

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