Rockin it at Bloggy Boot Camp Seattle

When I got home, last night, all I could keep thinking was how my first blogging conference, Bloggy Booy Camp Seattle rocked my world. As it it rocked it upside down. Changed the way I looked at blogging. And of course, that being said, completely derailed my ideas for my original post – which was 10 things that I learned at Bloggy Boot Camp (to go along with my post late Friday night)

I’m so thank for for the wonderful SITS girls Tiffany and Francesca for being the force behind Bloggy Boot Camp. They are awesome! If you are a blogging conference virgin, Bloggy Boot Camp is a great opportunity to get your feet wet.

So bear with me, if you will, I might have my rambling hat on. Here is my  10 with a ramble.

1.) I loved meeting so many bloggers that I only knew online via Facebook and Twitter. It was so incredible to see someone and say “Hey I know you” and after yesterday, I can say I KNOW you. Love it. I had no idea so many amazing bloggers were in my backyard. (Well, not literally, as I don’t HAVE a backyard) Take the lovely Rachel from And then, she {snapped} We’re practically neighbors only an hour apart! (Thanks Rachel for the photos of us!)

Rachel and The Maven

2.) The Canon needs to go to the camera doctor.  I cheat a lot and use my iPhone – DESPITE the fact that I own a point and shoot too. But Lisa Leonard (and if you don’t know who Lisa Leonard is, you NEED to go look at her gorgeous hand stamped jewerly) pointed out that you should only use amazing photos. And honestly? I do agree with her. I am much more captivated by blogs with amazing photos. This blog deserves nothing less.

3.) Jenny Ingram is my  pink haired bloggy bestie and I didn’t even know it. I spotted Jenny, of Jenny on the Spot at our breakfast sponsored by Invisalign. Or rather, I spotted her awesome pink highlights. I went to say hi to her, and she hugged me like we had been friends forever. Jenny really is a wealth of information and so easy to talk to. How did I not know she was in Seattle? I have clearly been living under a very large rock.

4.) I really want a Sony Bloggie. (I will be honest and say want, not need) The Duo is awesome. It has a camera on both sides so I don’t cut off half my face when I’m trying to do a self video. It’s way more portable than my MacBook too, so if I want to whip out a vlog while dining with one of my favorite bloggers, I can! The Bloggie is going to make my life easier, and add a new aspect to my blogging. I cannot wait! If the Bloggie Fairies are listening… (since my birthday is long gone)

5.) Pinterest – the amazing creative time sink that Katy Afruma of Regarding Peanut introduced me to has a blog button! (Katy did you know that?) I’ll be adding it soon and well, that means spending time playing on Pinterest. Thank you Jenny (my pink bloggy bestie) for letting us know! I also need to work on my pins, as they are sad and neglected pins. 🙁

6.) Carol Schiller from Cozi Family gave me some great insight for my pitches to brands. I am pretty confident with my pitch letters, but her stellar words of wisdom will take them to the next level. Her advice will hopefully mean more of my pitches are home runs.

7.) I don’t like wine. Most people know this. But the Riesling from Mirassou Winery (the oldest winery in the US) was AMAZING.

8.) It’s not always about your numbers. Thank you Jyl of Mom it Forward.

9.) Business cards. Lots and lots of business cards. You can find deals all over the internet, or if you can make them yourself. Don’t be the blogger without and have to write your information on the back of your hand or worse, the back of someone else’s card! I probably went through 100 of them! I’ll be making a nice little post to links of all the businesses for the cards I have. Hopefully sometime this week!

blogger business cards

So many awesome bloggers

10.) This conference will be the first of many. I’m so glad I decided to go to Bloggy Boot Camp. I’m already stalking Evo and BlogHer for tickets. My bank account may take a hit, but it’s so worth it.

Rachel, Jyl and I

Thank you Bloggy Boot Camp, you’ve changed the way I think about blogging, I am Inspired with a capital “I” and I had a TON of fun.


I want to thank my sponsors, Popchips and Eden Fantasies for hiring me to give them some love so I could go. I also would like to thank Collective Bias, Truvia, Sony, Invisalign & Mirassou Winery for sponsoring Bloggy Boot Camp Seattle. Thanks to Rachel from And then, She {snapped} for sharing the photos you had of us, since I forgot my camera!

About Kerri Jablonski

Kerri Jablonski AKA The Maven lives in Seattle,WA with her 3 kids (2008, 2010, 2013), husband, cats and backyard chickens. Two of her children have special needs. Kerri enjoys cooking, travel, movies and spending time with her family.


  1. Tammystwocents says:

    Great post!  You are just one top of things now aren’t you?  🙂  Loved sitting next to you yesterday at breakfast and getting to know you…(and checking out those cute red shoes!)  Hey!  I see my business card amongst the many you displayed!  yay!  Have a great week.  BBC was incredible and loved it!  (Loved your hair today too!)  Happy day! 🙂

  2. Hi! I am your newest follower from the Alexa hop and I would love to have you follow back!
    Camille @
    PS How cool that you got to go to a Blog conference! Sounds like it was an awesome experience!

  3. Mickeycoutts says:

    Thanks so much for sharing!  I’m dying to get to a conference, but haven’t found one close enough yet.  It was fun to read your thoughts about one.  🙂

    Thanks also for visiting and following A Helicopter Mom!  I’m following back now.

    A Helicopter Mom

  4. Oh man, I live in Seattle.  That sounds awesome.  How do you get into a gig like that?

    • Bloggy Boot Camp is in different cities throughout the year. It won’t be coming back to Seattle.

      For most conferences, it’s as “simple” as buying a ticket to the conference and getting a room at the hotel.

      How long have you been blogging? Bloggy Boot Camp is a great first time conference.

  5. Great post, Kerri! I am totally psyched to go to another blog conference as well. Way too much fun and really fabulous meeting bloggers (including you!) and LEARNING stuff too!

  6. Love the picture of you Bloggy Angels. For all you out there, Maven wears the cutest shoes ever. Lovely meeting you, will make you a cuppa in my backyard anytime.

  7. Wow, sounds like you had a great time………..I’m jealous!!  Thanks for joining us on the Alexa Hop I have returned the love.  Have a great week.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Hello I’m a new follower from Alexa Hop.  Please stop by A Little of This and a Little of That and follow back.
    Have a super week!

  9. FreeBeeMom says:

    Great recap on Bloggy Boot Camp!  Loved reading your post and reliving the whole thing. Nice work!

  10. Bloggy Boot Camp is SO much fun! I’ve been to two, and will be heading to Atlanta in the fall for my third. Did you meet Mama Kat?

  11. Love!! You totally captures the feelings I had about BBC.. it was amazing to meet and get to chat with you at the cocktail party!

  12. Oh I would LOVE to do a local meetup!

  13. the third boob says:

    we are your newest fans!

    chach + nell
    the third boob….and other adventures in mommyhood.

  14. Wow, this conference sounds great… definitely need to consider it!


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