RV Living Grilling Tips the Hamilton Beach Indoor Searing Grill

Last month Hamilton Beach asked me if I wanted to review their Indoor Searing Grill. My mom recently retired and has decided to spend sometime RVing, so I asked her if she wanted to check it out. Turns out, it was the perfect fit, and she’s shared her experience with me, as always, opinions are our own. This post contains affiliate links. We earn a few pennies from your purchases from these links.

Don't miss these RV Living Grilling Tips from my mom, The Southern Nanni

We often think of grilling as an outdoor no rain event. Well now “The Southern Nanni” can tell you “that ain’t necessarily so”!

I love grilling food when I am camping, but its always a hassle- getting the fire going, perfecting the just right temperature, predicting an accurate cook time; and last but least–cleaning the clunky grill!

And than I received the Hamilton Beach Indoor Searing Grill.

It’s just what I needed- Easy to assemble for use, quick to disassemble for clean-up. This grill is so light and easy to store I can use it year around. Outdoors cooking family favorites as well as inside on my fifth-wheel camping trailer’s countertop. I really like how attractive it is as well as a convenient size and that it coordinates with my other stainless steel appliances. It will be ready to use at anytime!

And that grilling on the fire-pit is a thing of the past, now we can enjoy our grilled food while we sit around a roaring fire-enjoying life in our home on the road!

This grill would be a wonderful addition to your home whether its on wheels, an apartment, townhouse, get away cottage, or a single house.

The Southern Nanni’s RV Grilling Tips

One of our favorite foods to grill outdoors are flavored specialty sausages . Apple chicken is #1 on the list. On the charcoal grill its a constant battle to avoid dryness, when we cook it inside in a skillet it gets greasy. Move over charcoal, move over skillet I have a new love and it’s a Hamilton Beach Indoor Searing Grill.

It's easy to grill indoors!

After a 5 minute preheat set to “sear” the sausages were placed on the griddle. Sear both sides of the meat for 3 minutes than turn temperature to 350. For these sausages I cooked them a total of 23 minutes. Different sausages will vary in cooking time . Don’t pierce while cooking to insure a moist well cooked meat. As you can see in the picture I had fun creating a tasty grilled dinner, all inside, ith no rain or snow! The flavor of the grilled onion slices was sweet and the texture soft but not mushy.

Using some pre-prepped foods can make a meal both quick and tasty. The frozen sweet potato slices were thawed slightly. Since the Hamilton Beach Indoor Searing Grill lid is closed while cooking odors and any potential splatters are very minimal.

Having the lid also allowed for the pretzel buns to be warmed for the last three minutes of the cook time. Warmed avocado makes a quick tasty addition to a colorful meal that all was healthfully grilled with no additional added fats.

For this sausage it was turned 4 times after the initial searing. I just held the lid open briefly while using hi-temp tongs. The grill retained its heat and continued cooking evenly and my hand did not feel to warm.

And the clean up was quick and easy. The Hamilton Beach Searing Grill dismantles and all parts are accessible. Wash and dry , connect parts back together and you are ready for your next great grill experience.

I am excited, next time I am going to “Sear” a delicious dessert in my home on wheels. The Hamilton Beach Searing Grill will make you love it too, no matter where you call home.

Delicious dinner on an indoor searing grill.

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