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One of the things about being a two time NICU parent is you get used to having your child be monitored. Constantly monitored. So when we brought home Edison at about 36 hours old, there were no monitors. Luckily, shortly after he was born we were sent the SafetoSleep™ Sleep and Breathing Monitor to review. Sure, I had a video monitor to keep an eye on him and listen to him, but this new baby monitor was a different kind of peace of mind.

Safe to Sleep™

First and foremost, it’s obvious that Ryan and Pete, the creators of the SafetoSleep™ have the new sleep deprived parent in mind because it’s incredibly easy to use. It takes about 5 minutes to set up, maybe a little bit longer if you decide to download the iPhone or Android app (yes! it has an app!) This to me is important. I can’t imagine trying to figure out new technology when I’m getting very little sleep.

It’s as simple as placing the mat with it’s included cover in your baby’s crib and syncing via Bluetooth with the included hand held unit, or if you chose, your smartphone. Now, while the included hand held unit does work really well, you can really get the full features of the SafetoSleep™ by using the smartphone app. It’s really really cool. Really.

Since the SafetoSleep™ is cord free (it’s powered by AA batteries) it’s portable. So you can take it where your baby goes – to family, to sitters and more. It’s designed to go wherever your baby sleeps (on a flat surface! this baby monitor won’t work bent in your carseat) I love this because it’s easy for me to move around to the different places Edison sleeps in the house – right now that’s the co-sleeper in the bedroom and the pack n play in the living room.

So about cleaning the SafetoSleep™… Now, I’ll tell you, Edison is a spitter upper. Seriously. Like when he does its oceans of milk (gross I know) luckily, theSleepMat™ is made of a water resistant, anti-microbial fabric. It’s easy to clean with a damp cloth, the covers are machine washable AND they sell extra covers too! (and yes, I have some on the way so I’m not doing laundry ALL the time)

I admit, I’m a total gadget girl, so having features like the SleepLog is pretty awesome – I can get a good idea of HOW Edison is sleeping (pretty well!) throughout the night and naps too. It’s a really useful too – I can see the quality of sleep with a swipe of my smartphone. If something seems off? The great thing is I have a log I can share with my pediatrician too. Win! I can also stream music through the app if I actually had any in my phone.

And the alarm systems? They really work! I luckily haven’t experienced a breathing event, but the few times I’ve forgotten to turn off the monitor when I’ve picked up Edison off the SleepMat, it has shrieked at me moments later, so it’s VERRRY effective!

So what’s so amazing about the SafetoSleep™ baby monitor?

The Sleep and Breathing Monitor uses its BreathTrend™ system to detect changes in your baby’s breathing pattern and alert you if it detects an irregular breathing event. This type of intelligence is a breakthrough in infant sleep safety and will change the way parents and doctors define the value and effectiveness of home sleep monitoring for babies.

Image courtesy of safetosleep

Image courtesy of safetosleep

From the day you bring your baby home, up to 26 pounds, the SafetoSleep™ monitors the breath wave, activity, sound, and movement of your baby and alarm you if your baby has an irregular breathing event. No other baby monitor does all of that. So if you’re a mom like me, who had two babies that were overly monitored, you just might get some peace of mind.

baby monitor
So the verdict? Edison IS sleeping great – I know I’m really lucky! and if I’m curious as to HOW he’s sleeping? I’ll just check my SafetoSleep™ app!

Safe to Sleep - Edison

Edison’s monitoring, while he’s awake and asleep!

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Disclosure: I was given a sample product in exchange for this review. ALl experiences here are my own and may differ from yours.

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  1. Goodness gracious I could have used one of these for #3! I was so paranoid! Now that she bed sleeps, I’m a little better, but I’m still up and checking her breathing every couple hours – I just don’t have to get out of bed to do it now! LOL

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