Sausage Hash Brown Muffin Cups

Thank you Johnsonville for sponsoring this recipe post for Sausage Hash Brown Muffin Cups.

You'll love these easy sausage hash brown muffin cups made with Johnsonville sausage


One of our favorite things is breakfast for dinner. It’s quick, it’s easy. It’s perfect for the holidays when friends come over. I’d like to refer to it as Friendsgiving.

A favorite recipe of ours is breakfast muffin cups. They are really easy to make, you can add ANYTHING to them (except mushrooms, I don’t like mushrooms) and everyone seems to like them. You don’t even have to be limited by the size of the muffin pan. These sausage hash brown muffin cups make a great standard size muffin cup, but using  mini muffin pan would be perfect for making bite size snacks while entertaining with friends.

I love including sausage in my muffin cups. So tasty! This year, Johnsonville is helping to make your holiday dinners healthier with a new line of Naturals Sausage, made with 100% all natural ingredients and no artificial preservatives. The Johnsonville Naturals line includes Brats, Italian Sausage and Breakfast Sausage varieties.
Make these easy muffin cups with Johnsonville Sausages

Sausage Hash Brown Muffin Cups

16 ounces hash brown potatoes
4 eggs
4-6 of your favorite Johnsonville sausage links
½ teaspoon salt
¼ teaspoon pepper
1 cup shredded cheddar cheese, divided

1. Cook sausage according to package instructions and cut into small bite size pieces.
2. Place the sausage, hash browns, milk, eggs, seasonings and ½ cup of the cheese in a large mixing bowl, and combine until evenly coated.
4. Divide the sausage mixture evenly into 12 well greased muffin tins and top with the remaining cheese.
5. Bake at 375 for 30 minutes.

Besides Johnsonville Sausage, what will you put in YOUR easy muffin cups?

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