Save loved toys from leaky batteries!

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Save loved toys from leaky batteriesWe’ve all had it happen, messy, leaky batteries ruining our Nintendo DS, a child’s favorite toy, or the bubble makers that have been stored all winter.

Sometimes these things can be saved, and sometimes they can’t, which in the case of a certain beloved LeapFrog Scout.

If only I had put Energizer Max batteries in Scout.

Oh poor Scout. I’m still trying to figure out how it happened. Scout got lots of love. He was never forgotten and buried in the bottom of a toy box or under a bed. His life was full of snuggles and adventures with his favorite boy.

And one day Scout stopped talking. No more quips about favorite foods or colors.

No problem right? Just swap the batteries. But when I opened up the battery case I was in for a rude awakening. Scout had fallen victim to LEAKY BATTERIES!

How to save loved toys from leaky batteries…

Usually leaky batteries can be carefully cleaned up. Before you start, you need know what kind of battery leaked into your electronics. Disposable batteries are either acid (Nickel cadmium) or alkaline. It’s mostly likely that you’re using alkaline batteries.

Alkaline batteries can leak aqueous potassium hydroxide. To clean up a leak, first remove the batteries and dispose of them properly. Mix half teaspoon of white vinegar with one and a half teaspoons of water in a small bowl. Dip the end of a cotton swab into the solution until it is saturated but not dripping and carefully clean up the leak. Once you’ve cleaned up the leaky batteries, let your electronics air dry.

**IMPORTANT** Lithium batteries (like the ones found in cell phones) rarely leak. If they do leak, it can be a dangerous situation and it’s unlikely the device can be saved. Only clean up lithium leaks wit water and a clean rag, and dispose of the battery BEFORE you start cleaning the leak up.

Sadly, Scout didn’t survive the leaky battery. If we’d used Energizer Max He might still be working. 🙁
Save loved toys from leaky batteries

While battery technology has evolved, battery leaks can still occur. When other battery brands leak, the end result is a ruined product and a big mess…but Energizer Max batteries are different. On top of being specifically designed to prevent leaks, they’re are also backed by a no-leak guarantee, meaning if you do experience a leaky Energizer Max battery, they’ll replace whatever device is damaged.

Energizer Max uses Powerseal Technology to prevent leakage better than the other leading battery for up to two years after full used when left in low drain devices.

This is also the world’s first zero mercury AA alkaline battery, meaning less environmental impact.

Shop Energizer MAX alkaline batteries at Walmart. Introduce your loved toys to Power. Endurance. And a fluffy little tail.Shop Energizer Max at Walmart

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