Setting up a simple breakfast station with a Rosewill Hot Water Dispenser

Thanks to the Rosewill Hot Water Dispenser for making setting up my simple breakfast station easier by sending a unit for review! This post contains affiliate links.

Set up a simple breakfast station!

I drink tea like a fiend. I think I’ve said that before. I typically make a pot in the morning along with my breakfast. With the bell time changes at my kid’s school, I don’t like waiting for the hot water to boil in the morning. What can I say, I’m impatient. BUT having a Rosewill Hot Water Dispenser means I don’t have to wait. My hot water is ready to go in the morning for tea, instant oatmeal, and in the afternoons? Instant soup.

My Simple Breakfast Station

The hot water dispenser doesn’t take up much counter space (no more than my hot water kettle) and makes it easy to set up a simple breakfast station with my favorite tea pot, mugs, and even oatmeal packets and bowls. Breakfast is always ready to go. It makes thins very convenient.

Rosewill’s new hot water dispenser features the following:

· 4.2 Quarts (4.0 Liters)
· Hot water splash prevention
· 3 temperature settings, suitable for instant food, tea, coffee, milk powder, plus, keep liquids warm
· Fast/slow water dispense with lights indication, as well as night light indication
· Stainless steel exterior and interior, plus new space-saving design

It’s not automatically apparent when the water level is getting low. This definitely adds to frustration at 6am in the morning when I’m making a pot of tea.
The water is HOT – use care around children.
My unit likes to unplug itself from the base, I am hoping this is just user error.

Set up a simple breakfast station

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