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One of the hard things about living across the country from our family is that my children don’t get to grow up with their cousins. Now, I wasn’t super close to my cousins either, but we still saw them a few times a year. The wonderful things about some of my local blogging friends is they’ve become my family. Not to call out favorites (okay, to totally call out favorites) but we spend a lot of time with Leanne (of Rave & Review) and her husband Tyler and their two children. Our kids are growing up together and sharing so many childhood milestones and small moments, it’s so sweet.

Girl cousins

I’ll fully admit, one of the things I love about spending time with Leanne is she always has her camera. Her real camera, she’s not hidden behind her phone. She has a knack for capturing these wonder small moments that our children are sharing and I just love it. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that we also sometimes like to dress our children in complementary (or matching!) clothing to accentuate the adorableness.

Blogging Cousins

Lately our wardrobe of choice has been from Gymboree. It’s hard to go wrong. Classic, fashionable clothing that the kids can play hard in and still look great. Even with our kids being of varying ages we can usually find pieces that look great without being overly matchy. The Yellow and Black dresses we got for the girls are just precious, and our guys look great in their Beach Buddies shirts.

Our kids love being together whether it’s a picnic in the backyard, a family dinner at Red Robin, or even a very special trip to Disneyland. Watching them grow up together brings back the same memories I had with my own cousins, and I just love it. I feel very lucky that they have each other.

Small Moments at Disney Junior


PS…you may be wondering where Sebby is in these photos. Don’t worry, we didn’t leave him out , he just didn’t want to have his picture taken that day. He looks just as dashing in his new clothes as his siblings and blogging cousins

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  1. Cute clothes and cute kids. I grew up with my cousins and have fond memories.

  2. What beautiful photos of those sweet children – all looking great in their stylish Gymboree fashions! I love to shop at Gymboree for my young niece and nephews – who manage to bring sunshine into my life even from 3,000 miles away!

  3. April Farley says:

    You blogger cousins and you kiddo look cute as little buttons. Gymbore does have such adorable well wearing clothing . I grew up with my cousins. I was the eldest so I did a bunch of babysitting. I look at them like my bothers & sisters as I am an only child. I am from the school of thought that family is not limited to a blood line. My friends & their children are also my family. They are in my life because I chose them. That says a whole lot!

  4. Kayla @ TheEclecticElement says:

    It’s always nice when you have friends with kids the same age as your own. While I don’t have kids myself I grew up with several neighbor kids; we’d all get together, mom and kids alike, and have lots of fun. It’s nice to see you all have such a connection 🙂

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